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By Joanne Peterson | Aug 09, 2018

I’ve enjoyed the company of cats since I was 7 years old and moved with my family to Edmonds. I do not recall how we acquired our big tabby cat Butch – or who named him. I have a hunch he simply appeared on the back porch of our house at Fourth and Dayton and indicated that he’d be staying.

Well, there was the one time he took off without leaving a forwarding address and returned six months later with no plausible explanation for his absence. Otherwise, he was quite the homebody.

Butch became a great companion to me, and demonstrated patience far beyond what his tough exterior signaled. He was a big cat, but I managed to lug him around the house wherever I wanted to take him. Sometimes I collected him from whichever napping spot he occupied at the moment, carried him to the living room and set about dressing him in doll clothes.

Did he enjoy that? I doubt it, but he never protested.

Anyway, Butch was my first cat, and he showed me that a cat can be a great companion. Since then, I’ve owned – or been owned by – many cats. I’ve loved every one of them and have taken full advantage of what I think of as their affectionate fur therapy. Yes, there’s the streak of independence that cats exhibit; I’ve always admired that. I love dogs, but sometimes it’s easier to own a cat, and a good cat brings warmth and welcome into a home.

I wrote many columns about my sweet orange cat Benjamin – his quirky personality, his devotion to me. I brought him with me when I returned to Edmonds after many years away. Benjamin was the dearest and best cat anyone could ask for; we spent over 15 years together, and when he died, he left an enormous void in my life. I

It just didn’t feel right to bring another cat into my home during the long time that I grieved for him.

Now? Now I enjoy the companionship of a gorgeous 9-year-old Siamese cat, a female named Mocha, who came into my life in a different way than Benjamin, whom I adopted at the Humane Society after his uncommonly rough start in life.

Mocha, as I understand her story, came from a happy home with an older woman who needed to move from that home and, for whatever reason, couldn’t take Mocha with her. I don’t know the rest of the story, but I would think that woman’s heart must have broken when she gave up this amazing animal.

My daughter knew of the situation, and I am so thankful to her for facilitating Mocha’s transition into my life.

Mocha is dark brown with pale trim and blue eyes. She is perfectly beautiful, but it is her intelligence and sweet personality that make her the ideal pet. Affectionate, happy, playful – she’s an amazing companion.

And if she feels like playing, and I’m busy, she goes to her toy basket, selects two or three toys and, by herself, plays wildly, leaping and bounding, throwing her toys high in the air or hiding under the coffee table while she plans an attack on a dangerous, green-felt mouse.

She’s a kitten at heart, and she’s won my heart. I am healthier and happier because this lovely creature lives in my home, in my life.


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