A computer expert, yes, but don’t call him a nerd

By John Pierre | Aug 29, 2013

One of my joys in life is to write about Edmonds success stories, such as the one I shall relate to you here.

Starting from regular, unpretentious beginnings, his parents were a hard working forester and a teacher while being an at-home mother.

Mark Wolfe, the owner of the very successful A2Z Technology, spent his early years going to college in both Colorado and Hawaii, earlier motorcycling around the West for awhile upon graduating from high school.  It was in Hawaii that he met his wife Julie (Kiapu her Hawaiian name) who was born and raised there.

The couple visits her family in Hawaii for near a month each year (broken up into a couple of two-week vacations.)  His shop remains open in their absence.

Mark got his technology start in the ’80s with the old DOS computer systems of that day and age.  In college, he had a minor in computer science (along with chemistry and psychology), which helped to pique his interest in what has become his plan for the future.

He founded A2Z Technology, which was originally located at 610 5th Ave. in Edmonds in the early 2000s.  Not long after, he moved his store to his current location 115 4th Ave. South (in the Leslie Building) in the heart of downtown Edmonds.

It's not the best drive-by location in the world but serves his business needs well with over 90 percent repeat customers.  For those of you unfamiliar with the building, it's just a hair over a block after you make the left run from Main Street and on the left side.

Mark doesn't consider himself a "nerd," and I would agree with that.  I would hesitate to call the varmint that because he's bigger'n me and could probably whomp me.

My experience has proven him, in my opinion, to be a master of solving computer problems quickly and, of course, he sells quality computers and related products at a very reasonable price.

In addition, he has been serving businesses and individuals with the sale and installation (including rarely needed maintenance) of on-premises surveillance systems. He's calling this adjunct to his business CrookNabber, which includes multiple camera options for highest level of security.  'Nuff said?

His degree of success has caused him to make plans for Home Media Centers in the near future.

This is the epitome of an Edmonds success story.  To reach Mark (he usually answers the phone himself although he has added a highly qualified staff recently), he can be reached at 425-744-1582 or by email at info@A2ZTechnology.net.

In the meantime, he would love to have you stop by, look around, say “Howdy.”  He won't pressure to buy but he'd enjoy talking with you about your present computer and potential future needs.

Signing off.

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