A Climate Crusader's Comeuppance

By steven d keeler | Aug 16, 2014
Source: WSJ



As political comedowns go, there may be few to compare to the humbling of Tom Steyer. Six months after the climate activist roared on the national political scene vowing $100 million to impose his agenda on this fall's midterms, it would appear that this billionaire don't hunt.

Remember the liberal huzzahs that greeted the February pledge? The New York Times gave Mr. Steyer the front page, heralding a coming "hard-edge campaign of attack ads" .

His February vow was to match $50 million of his money to $50 million from donors, and he bragged that might be a "lowball" number. By last month, Politico was reporting that NextGen had raised all of $1.2 million. Seems Democratic donors have higher funding priorities than climate.

In a high-stakes midterm every race matters and every dollar counts. And so Mr. Steyer's millions—a fair amount of which is going to Democratic political groups that are more effective than his own—still matter. But his NextGen meltdown is a lesson for liberal ( left of ) Democrats and activists looking to impose an anti-energy agenda on the country. The public isn't buying it.

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