A city concerned about their streets

By Barbara Tipton | Jun 04, 2013


I was aghast after reading Derek Jennings’s letter published in the May 30, edition of “The Edmonds Beacon.”

The writer acknowledged the lack of funds available for “repaving [streets] outside the [Edmonds] bowl” yet he strongly opposes a “tax hike” to fix the problem.

Rather, he suggests that our city provide funds to drivers who need new shock absorbers.

Let’s talk about street maintenance. Street overlays extend the life of a roadway. A public works crew or a contractor begins the process by grinding several inches of the existing roadway surface.

Then, the crew lays the new layer of asphalt. Finally, the crew uses a huge roller to compact the asphalt.

Most cities have a schedule for street maintenance to keep the infrastructure from falling into a state of disrepair.

I am pleased to report that in Edmonds, a majority of our citizens are willing to consider saying “yes” to street maintenance according to the recently released Strategic Plan.

Registered voters were asked to rate, on a scale of 1 to 5, the importance of “creating a funding mechanism for street maintenance.”

The results were as follows: 76 percent of the respondents assigned a rating of 3 or above (the breakdown was 30 percent - moderate priority, 30 percent - high priority, 16 percent - very high priority). Attendees of an open house were even more enthusiastic with 85 percent assigning a rating of 3 or above (breakdown was 29 percent - moderate priority, 37 percent - high priority, 19 percent - very high priority).

As to the writer’s critical remarks about funding the flower program, Yost Pool operation, the cemetery, beach rangers, seasonal labor and other maintenance programs, 69 percent of the survey respondents and 74 percent of those people attending the open house gave “fiscal sustainability of our parks and recreational facilities”  a rating of 3 or above.

Mr. Jennings speaks of a “cemetery full of people taxed to death.”

I see a community alive with civic pride, willing to consider paying $12 per month (on a home valued at $400,000) for maintaining our streets, parks, and recreational facilities.


Barbara Tipton

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