A big one coming up

By John Pierre | Apr 05, 2012

Ordinarily when I hear "Wait 'til next year," I tend to think of the Seahawks or the Mariners but not this time.

Recently I had a conversation with Terry and Ling Woo, brother and sister and the owners of the well known and highly successful Chopsticks Chinese restaurant, located directly across 100th from Bartells at Westgate.

During the short conversation, it came to light that they had just noted their ninth anniversary at that location which they opened on March 15 of 2003 and were already doing some planning for their 10th next year.  But there is more to the story.

After coming to this country from China when both were teenagers,  they learned the English language while in school which had much to do with their success in business.

Later, both of them worked for 10 years at the original Chopsticks restaurant (which had been directly across from their present location) that opened in 1963 in a building that was later demolished when Bartells bought the entire property to build their large store there.

Terry and Ling are both pleased with the success they have enjoyed and the regular, repeat diners that they serve six days a week from 11:30 to 10 p.m. both in the dining area and the busy lounge.

Their effervescent personalities and constant smiles are noted by all who frequent their restaurant.

Though they work six days a week every week (with only Mondays off) and must have bad days as do all of us, it simply doesn't show.

Further, they limit their vacation to only one week of the year, when they close the restaurant for the first week of July, but they continue to smile.

Not only are they the owners and managers of the business, they are also fully involved in clearing the tables and serving their beautifully prepared meals where one can enjoy a voluminous lunch including a cup of soup, rice, tea and the entree of choice for (are you ready for this?) only $6.75.

Dinner normally costs a few bucks more.

Everyone who works at Chopsticks is family.  Not family as in blood relations but they are thought of as family and nearly all of them have been there for at least a couple decades.

And they are not all Chinese.  There are a couple of very blond women, Eilene and Karen, who work primarily in the lounge but also help out in the dining area when needed.

They, too, have been family for 20+ years as has Chuck Hu, the head chef.

"Wait 'til next year?"  You bet!

It will be a celebration worthy of note as it will be the 50th year of the Chopsticks restaurant operations and the 10th year in the present location.  I may have missed something but I personally don't know of any restaurant that has been in Edmonds longer.

Mark it on your calendar.  The month of March in 2013 is going to be a big 'un.

A regular whiz-bang celebration.

You can bet I'll be joining them for the momentous occasion.

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Posted by: Ron Johnson | Apr 05, 2012 16:01

Terry and Ling are two of the hardest working people in South County.  Great food, superior service, excellent cocktails, what more can you want.

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