What a city!

By John Pierre | Feb 03, 2012

Edmonds... what a fantastic place to live!  One can grumble about gray skies and the occasional rain, even though our average yearly rainfall is only 36 inches (far less than places not known for rain), but our benefits far outweigh our minor perceived difficulties.

There are places in Hawaii that get much more rain than we do.  And what about Florida where they can pick up several inches of rainfall in a matter of a half hour or so?  If we, in the Great Northwest, get a half-inch of rain in any 24-hour period, it's considered newsworthy.

But mostly it is Edmonds of which we should be proud to be citizens.  For the most part, we care about each other.  Unlike a few nearby high-density populated areas, we don't experience "love-ins" or "sit-ins" or "protests for the sake of protesting."

Oh sure, we get unhappy when certain elected representatives act like they have been taking lessons from the miscreants in Washington, D.C. when it comes to throwing nonexistent money around on breathtakingly stupid projects... but we are usually blessed with a delightful place to live with a moderate climate and no hurricanes (a mini one from several decades ago notwithstanding) or twisters to concern us.

In the recent inclement weather, when several inches of snow cramped our traveling ability a tad, neighbors looked after neighbors who might have needs.

For the first time ever, I felt snowed in.  I couldn't move my car up my driveway, so I left it, covered with snow, for three days until warming and rain took over. 

During the "snowed in" period, a caring neighbor, Lin, originally from Minnesota where snow is usual, wearing appropriate garb and footwear, actually picked up our mail from across the street (where I have been known to fall on my keister while crossing the street) and brought it to our door, along with a tasty pre-prepared comfort food meal. 

Then she proceeded to shovel our driveway (Maybe she thought that, at 78 years old and with a pacemaker, I shouldn't be doing it. Maybe she was right.).  

Later on, she had trouble getting up her own driveway, so along came Warren and Michelle (two more of our many special neighbors) to assist her.  Warren even lay down in the snow and put her chains on.  What neighbors!  What a neighborhood!  What a city!

Arizona, Hawaii and Florida are fine places to visit, but when it comes to living, I wouldn't trade Edmonds for any other place on earth.  An hour drive in any direction will put you on a beautiful Pacific Ocean sandy beach or at a mountain stream in the Cascade or Olympic Mountains.  What more could you ask?  We have it all. 

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