Top notch Edmonds merchants

By Joanne Peterson | Feb 09, 2012

Prior to our recent snowy weather, I made an appointment to have my car serviced.

My family has taken cars to Edmonds Automotive Service, on 3rd Ave, for as long as I can remember.

Since I returned to Edmonds, the guys at Edmonds Automotive have treated me with honesty and kindness and taken good care of my car.

 The weather forecast the night before my car service appointment was such that I drove the car to the shop the evening before the morning appointment, left it there, and walked home in a blustery wind.

 In the morning, I awakened to snow falling, snow already accumulating on the ground—and the realization that the cold I thought I’d gotten over was back, fever and all.

I returned to my bed and fell asleep.

A couple of hours later the phone woke me—Chris, from Edmonds Automotive, calling to report that my car was serviced and ready to go. 

I said I didn’t know just when I’d brave the slippery sidewalks and roads and walk down to get it and drive it home. No problem—I was welcome to leave it there and give a call later to say when I’d pick it up.

But then Chris spoke again. “No, you don’t need to pick it up. We’ll figure out a way to bring it up to you.” And they did. I know this isn’t a regular part of their service.

On that particular day, what a welcome gift.

One morning in late fall, I stopped at Opus Bank, in downtown Edmonds, where I was greeted by name, welcomed home and asked how I had enjoyed my Panama cruise.

Perhaps many people enjoy similar recognition at their banks, but prior to Opus, I hadn’t experienced such a thing since years ago when I banked at a small credit union.

At the Edmonds Theatre, I noticed a coffee maker in the snack bar and enquired as to whether there happened to be decaf coffee. No, but the employee cheerfully insisted that he brew a pot, though I protested that probably nobody else would order any. He immediately made the coffee and encouraged me to come back for refills.

I'm sure I write about businesses in Edmonds more frequently than I need to.

Partly, that’s because of my family and many years of loyalty to Edmonds, all the way back to when my father went into business with his Western Auto store and then moved on to Bradbury’s TV and Appliance, later to become Bradbury’s TV Sales and Service.

My dad knew his customers’ preferences, called them by name, appreciated them as individuals.

So it’s only natural that whenever a local business person treats me well, knows my name, goes out of her way to offer personalized service, I am reminded of the Edmonds of my childhood. 

I am grateful for Edmonds merchants today who care about their customers in the same ways my dad did.

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