The butcher of Edmonds

By John Owen | Nov 03, 2011

Remember that fellow draped in a large sheet, wearing a hockey mask.   Bet he almost scared you out of your wits on Halloween night near the fountain.

It could have been Bill the Butcher, a mythical figure who reportedly haunts the corner of Fourth and Main.  

Nobody in Edmonds has ever actually glimpsed him but we are assured he exits.

Late last spring co-founder J'Amy Owens (no relation) told us that Bill the Butcher not only exists, but would be serving customers in downtown Edmonds "before school is out."  

Well, classes ended in June and resumed in October but the only visible evidence of Bill the Butcher residency here is the outline of a cow and the "Opening Soon" sign on the corner location.

In July a spokesperson said that the shop would be open for business "within  a month." Didn't happen.  

Most recently prospective customers were told that there would likely be a "soft opening" in October and full service shortly before Thanksgiving.

I keep looking over my shoulder for this shadowy figure.  

If you see him, or one of his lamb chops, give me a warning shout.

We do know that residents of other Seattle-area neighborhoods have met and patronized Bill the Butcher.  

One reported that she paid $16.95 for dry aged rib steak.  That's enough to scare the wallets right out of some customers' back pockets.  

Meanwhile, the rich and anxious in Edmonds watch, and wait.

I suspect we are playing the role of the chubby kid with thick lenses hoping against hope that the Homecoming Queen will give him a passing wave.  

That's not the way to win fair maiden, or lure Bill the Butcher into downtown Edmonds.

We should remind him that in some ancient societies butchers were not welcomed into decent homes and were allowed to associate only with other butchers.

I believe that in Tibet professional butchers are still vilified  because they violate the precept against taking life.  Butchers are the "hired guns."

Well, we waited longer than this for the original opening of the hamburger shop next to the Edmonds Bakery.  

Not long after opening, it closed again.  It is now in its second reincarnation and we wish them well.

From the reasonable price list I assume that Main Street Burgers is not serving Bill the Butcher's ground round.

But that assumes that there really is a Bill the Butcher, under that sheet, wearing a hockey mask, yielding a meat cleaver on Halloween.

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