The Port is a great place to visit, even in winter

By Bob McChesney, Executive Director, the Port of Edmonds | Nov 11, 2010

The approach of winter is a reminder for many of us of the long list of things that need to be taken care of: cleaning gutters, wrapping the water pipes, checking things like antifreeze, traction tires or chains, de-icer, candles, flashlights, firewood, even matches.

For those with an RV or boat, the list gets even longer.

Now imagine multiplying that list by 600 or a thousand. That is what we have to do at the Port of Edmonds. We have 19 long docks with space for 665 boats. And there are 280 more boats in racks in our dry storage facility.

During the coming months, when boating activity is at a minimum, the Port staff takes advantage of the reduced activity to take care of routine annual maintenance.

They deal with such ordinary things as waxing the fiberglass electrical pedestals and pressure washing the docks, making sure the gutters are free of debris and—when weather allows—taking care of any number of painting projects as well.

What about ice? At home, you might just put salt on the ice to melt it.

We can’t do that. Our concrete floats can be seriously damaged by putting salt on them. Other deicing chemicals can’t be used either, because they will ultimately be washed off into the water and could harm sea life.

At the Port, keeping the docks and walkways safe and clear is largely a labor-intensive job.

The docks, our buildings, walkways and equipment and, of course, the vessels in the marina each need different levels of protection and—when called for—emergency response. It could be a frozen pipe, icy walkways, broken windows, even a sinking boat.

If there is an emergency, our 24-hour-a-day staff knows exactly how to deal with it and, more often than not, prevent a minor incident from becoming a major problem. With a marina covering more than 60 acres on and off the water, there is always plenty to do.

No matter what kind of Port user you are, I want to urge you to come down and enjoy this wonderful community asset throughout the year.

Most days, winter is a great time to visit.

The air is often so clear that the Olympics seem to be in our front yard. So come and enjoy the view, perhaps in one of our waterfront restaurants.

Take a brisk walk along the boardwalk or the fishing pier, enjoy the waves as they splash against the seawall and watch the sea life and birds, which don’t appear to even notice that there has been a change in the weather.

The Port of Edmonds is your Port; we welcome you year round.

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