The CRI Quiz is back!

By John Nadeau | Aug 19, 2010

Don’t worry. Summer isn’t over yet. But here at the Creative Retirement Institute (CRI), we’re planning classes for the fall term, and we want you to know about them.


For those of you who don’t know about CRI, it’s a lifelong learning program, sponsored by Edmonds Community College. If you’re over age 50, you can sign up for any of CRI’s college-level, non-credit courses, regardless of your educational background.


There aren’t any tests or grades, and the courses aren’t expensive.


Mostly, subjects deal with the humanities, sciences, and current trends.



We have a sneaky way of publicizing these offerings, namely a trivia quiz based on the subject matter. Our strategy is, of course, to whet your interest.


Notice that the answers immediately follow the questions. The names of the courses follow the answers. Unless you want to cheat, you’ll have to slide your hand down the pages as you move along.

And now to the quiz!

Q. What is the term for the series of agreements, begun in 1864, on the treatment of wounded soldiers and prisoners?

A. The Geneva Convention (More on Humanitarian Law)

Q. What religion and philosophy has an important concept, karma, which says good actions are rewarded and evil ones punished?

A. Buddhism (Mahayana Buddhism)

Q. What is the general term for islands of the central Pacific, including the Hawaiian Islands, the Samoan group, and Easter Island?

A. Polynesia (Polynesian Past)

Q. What is the science that studies the fossil remains of plants and animals?

A. Paleontology  (Human Evolution)

Q. Who was the playwright who wrote “Summer and Smoke,” “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” and “The Glass Menagerie’?

A. Tennessee Williams (Great Playwrights and Their Plays)

Q. What climate change could result in a much shorter shipping route than the Panama Canal?

A. The melting of the polar ice cap, creating a Northwest Passage  (Arctic Sovereignty)

Q. To what genre do each of these films belong: “Frankenstein,” “The Invisible Man,” “King Kong,” and “Nosferatu”?

A. All are horror film classics. (Are You Ready for Halloween?)

Q. Who was the 13th century mystical poet inspired by Sufism, which teaches the soul can attain a personal union with God?

A. Rumi  (Rumi: Poet of the World)

Q. Which famous military leader sparked an interest in France and England for everything Egyptian as a result of his Egyptian campaign?

A. Napoleon (The Lure of Art in the East)

Q. What is the title of Voltaire’s 18th century satire of religion and other absolutist explanations of reality?

A. “Candide”  (Voltaire and Tolstoy: What Is True?)


So how did you do? Whether or not you liked your score, we hope you became intrigued by some of the subjects.  Quite a variety, right?  Actually, a total of more than 30 courses make up the fall term’s offerings.

The Creative Retirement Institute has been offering intellectual stimulation to older adults since 1993.  We know how to do it.

You can learn more about CRI by phoning 425-640-1830 or visiting us at


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