Stay healthy – eat cheese

By John Owen | Sep 01, 2011

I once discussed beer commercials with a  longtime major league umpire (it may have been Ron Luciano).  There were so many brands on the market seeking a sports identity that I asked what I thought was a logical question.

"Why haven't you ever appeared in a commercial?  What's your favorite beer?" I persisted.

He thought about this for a full minute, then finally admitted, "I don't think I've ever had a bad one."

I relate to that, If I pour a glass of wine, by George I'm probably going to drink it. 

But sometimes I think awhile before deciding what I should eat, or serve, with the wine.

Strom Peterson sometimes asks himself the same question, for a different reason.  Obviously, with the title of Edmonds' Resident Cheesemonger he is going to serve a favorite wedge.  But he has so many favorites, it's hard to pick.  

"Favorite cheese," he responds.  "Always a tough question, but here are a few.

"Seastack, made in Port Townsend, is a brie style cheese dusted with a little sea salt.  One of the best in the U.S.

"Manchego from Spain is probably the first really good cheese I ever had," he continues.  "It's made from sheep's milk which is my favorite.  

"Rogue River Blue from Central Point, Ore., is an organic blue that has been wrapped in pear-brandy soaked grape leaves.  It only comes out once a year and should be here in late October."  

By "here" he is referring to the Cheesemonger shop at 405 Main Street, which also features Batali family Salumi Salami from Pioneer Square.

The Cheesemonger shop is not officially listed on the city directory as a health club.  But maybe it should be.

"I am convinced that the constant source of penicillin I have running through my system from ingesting blue cheese keeps me healthy," Peterson explains. “I have had only one cold since I opened the shop six years ago and that was when we were visiting China and not eating cheese.  Maybe that's not hard scientific evidence but I'm sticking to my story."

Peterson feels Edmonds is the perfect location for his shop which is not surprising since he is also president of the city council.

He also feels fortunate that his business enterprise is just a short walk away from both from Europe Through the Back Door and the Savvy Traveler, businesses that bring  a lot of outside visitors to Edmonds, usually well versed in fine dining (and drinking).

More often than not, they know their cheeses.

A recent online promotion with Amazon also helped bring enlightenment to some 650  gourmands from across the country.

Oh, yeah, and our Resident Cheesemonger also sends out gift boxes of  blue-cheese sneeze repellent.  Look for an endorsement soon from the American Medical Association.

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