Show them the money eventually

By Rebecca Carr | May 20, 2009

Recently, a volunteer, citizen-based salary advisory committee conducted extensive research on how our elected officials pay matches up against that of nine neighboring cities with similar makeup.

In short, it doesnt.

We were surprised at some of the numbers, particularly the mayors compensation as compared to his peers in neighboring cities. The mayors position pays $30,000 annually, about 31.5 percent of the median, which is $95,112.

Of the 10 cities in the mix (including Mukilteo), our city is tied with Monroe and Arlington for dead last. While not all of the cities in the study have a city administrator, Mukilteos pay is still third from the bottom for the combined salary of those two offices.

The councils pay fares better, although its still only 83 percent of the median, at $6,000 compared to $7,200 per year. Based on those figures as well as the workloads and time commitments of those offices in each city, the committee recommended raising council salaries to the median, and the mayors pay to $76,090, around 80 percent of the median. The increases wouldnt take effect until the beginning of the next term of office for each position.

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