Lots going on north of 5th St.

By John Owen | Sep 22, 2011

There are a lot of things going on in Edmonds, particularly between Fifth and Sixth on Main Street.

You can take home a painting, or appreciate the brilliant murals on both sides of the street.

You can order mai tais or pupus at the Veri Taki Tiki joint.

You can enjoy an octopus salad at The Loft.

If you like red velvet cake you can fill a container with frozen yogurt in that flavor or nine others, and then decorate your creation with a choice of 30 toppings at the shop known as Revelations.

Or you can sip a salted caramel mocha at Starbuck's.

You can brighten your wardrobe  during a  feel-good shopping splurge at Fabric of Life, where profits benefit a school for women in Africa.

Or you can go next door and enjoy the music, because there may be a whole lot of boogie going on at one of the newest shops on Main, Homestyle Mercantile.

Check it out, this Saturday the 24th at 2 p.m.  Stop for a minute or half an hour and enjoy the jazz group Oz-Mosis  at it performs a free concert in the entranceway.

Reuben Sapien, who looks sort of a like a circuit -riding preacher, encourages music in his small non-denominational "Sanctuary" church  in rural Snohomish County.  And he decided to turn the wide entryway into Homestyle Mercantile into a performance stage.

Reuben's son, Joe Sapien, is the actual owner of the "Merc".   Like his dad he works in behalf of several non-profit agencies.  

For some time they have been visiting estate sales and profits they earn on the resale go to needy causes.  

Homestyle Mercantile is in itself a "non-profit," Reuben points out.  

They have assembled a mind-boggling array of merchandise including antique furniture, china, collectibles, rare magazines, books, items of clothing, musical instruments and CDs.

The best way to describe the spacious shop is "cluttered" but Reuben laughs at the word.

"It may seem that way, but we have six or seven times as much merchandise waiting in storage."

About the only items they don't sell are edibles and why should they when their new surroundings are awash in frozen yoghurt, flavored mochas, pupus, mai tais and Angel Food Cake yogurt topped with strawberries, nuts and assorted crumbled candies.

Strike up the band, one more time.

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