It’s trivia time again

By John Nadeau | Feb 16, 2012

Trivia fans, it’s time once again to inventory your storehouse of general knowledge.

         Yes, it’s another quiz brought to you by the Creative Retirement Institute (CRI), the life long learning program at Edmonds Community College.

         This is a strategy we employ from time-to-time, designed to whet your interest in CRI’s non-credit, college-level courses intended for older adults.

         Classes will take place during the spring term, which will get underway in a few weeks.

         The answers appear right-side-up right after the questions. (No sprained wrists will result from flipping the page around.) The name of each course appears after the answer.

         Q. Who was the American artist and naturalist famous for drawings of birds?

A. John James Audubon.  (Art and Science)

Q. Which branch of science is concerned with the materials of the earth, their origin, classification, change, and history?

A. Geology  (History of Science: Geology)

Q. What did John Jay, Roger B. Taney, Salmon P. Chase, and William H. Taft have in common?

A. All were chief justices of the Supreme Court.  (Supreme Court Justices and the Constitution)

Q. Who was the Victorian poet who composed “In Memoriam,” “Idylls of the King,” and “Charge of the Light Brigade”?

A. Alfred, Lord Tennyson ( Tennyson: Poems for His and Our Time)

Q. Two European nations have resisted the move toward a common currency. Can you name one?

A. Great Britain and Denmark  (Future of the European Union)

Q. What is the branch of philosophy that is concerned with definitions of beauty?

A. Aesthetics  (How Nature Influences Our Sense of Aesthetics)

Q. Who was the 18th century Swedish botanist who devised a plant classification system using Latin names?

A. Linnaeus  (How Plants Are Classified and Latin Names)

Q. Which 19th century composer wrote almost exclusively for the piano and established it as a solo instrument?

A. Frederic Chopin  (Fifteen Great Piano Concertos)

Q. Which contemporary cultural movement started as an architectural trend that combined traditional, and especially classical, design with modern technology.

A. Postmodernism  (Postmodernism)

Q. What do the films “High Noon,” “Red River,” and “Shane” have in common?

A. All are classic westerns.  (Classic Westerns)

Did you get a good score? Whether or not you did is strictly up to you to decide.

These ten questions represent ten CRI courses. Actually, there are about 20 more, all dealing with the sciences and humanities or current trends.

All are open to everyone, regardless of educational background.

Tuition fees are low, and financial assistance is available.

You can learn more about CRI by phoning 425-640-1830 or visiting

If you think you might sign up for a course or courses, our suggestion would  be to do so promptly. Every term, many classes – actually about half – quickly fill to capacity.



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