Is the FAA waiting for your summer vacation to announce the EA findings?

By SOC Board | Jun 10, 2010
Last Fall SOC predicted the Environmental Assessment and subsequent hearings would fall in the midst of the busy Holiday season.  Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened.  Before the New Year’s Eve streamers and confetti settled, we found ourselves mounting a massive effort to engage a groundswell of public participation for the hearings on January 3, 4, and the additional Kamiak hearing, January 21. 

Your attendance and hundreds of comments made a real difference-what was once thought to be an automatic FONSI (Finding of No Significant Impact), slowed FAA actions.  In fact, as of this writing, the FAA has delayed their much anticipated June response to an undetermined future date. 

We hate to be suspicious, but once again find ourselves speculating - Is the FAA waiting for your summer vacation to announce the EA findings?  Are they hoping you’ll be distracted by summertime activities?  Don’t let that happen; before you leave town, take time to do the following:

Save Our Communities filed a Dept. of Transportation complaint with the waste, fraud, and abuse hotline that investigates fraudulent statements by the FAA.  We have received no useful response and need your help.  Please do the following to give us a federal voice.

Email the DOT at "" 
Reference DOT Report #DOT100224-07. 

Here's what you can say: 
SOC has submitted evidence to the DOT to show that the FAA made fraudulent statements to the Snohomish County Council and to our local Congressional representative, Congressman Jay Inslee.  The FAA acted pro-actively on behalf of airlines when its own policies call for the FAA to engage only after complaints have been lodged by the airlines. No such complaints have been lodged.

Write Congressman Inslee and tell him this issue is no longer just a local issue. 

By their actions, the FAA has forced this into the federal realm.  Ask Congressman Inslee to forward pertinent information to FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt and request an investigation. 

Reference the Dept. of Transportation Report number stated above.  Better yet, include quoted emails received under our Freedom of Information Act request that substantiate our assertions. 

The emails can be found on SOC’s homepage at   ""  

Finally, email Executive Reardon and the County Council. 

Tell them you’ve lodged the DOT complaint.

Ask them to push the FAA to expand the NEPA process with a proper scope and make certain that any SEPA process uses the proper scope to ensure the true burden of mitigation costs be passed onto the airlines, not Snohomish County taxpayers. 

Tell them to encourage living wage job growth supporting Boeing and work with state and federal officials to promote Paine Field as an “Aerospace Center of National Significance.” 

If you’re too busy now, clip this article to your refrigerator until school is over, then send your messages and forward us a copy at 

Once you’ve done these simple tasks, know that you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect your children and our communities.  Have a wonderful and safe summer! 
                        SOC Board    

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