I’ll take that bet

By John Pierre | Jan 19, 2012

Having lunch with friends, Larry, Kelly and mama Boots the other day, an interesting subject came up. 

Subject?  The Mayan prediction that the world would come to an end on December 21 of this year, 2012. 

We discussed it for a few minutes with meager but humorous interest, between chopstick sampling of the fine Asian cuisine of Rachel's (not too many years ago our next door neighbor) Five Spice Bistro at the much bureaucratically and municipally maligned intersection at Five Corners. 

During the tongue-in-cheek discussion ... Kelly asked the question, "If the Mayans were able to predict the coming of the end of the world, why weren't they able to predict the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors who wiped out the Mayan culture?"  

Her thought was an interesting observation ... especially when considered with the myriad previous predictions by other screwballs of specific dates and times of the end of the world.  Kool Aid anyone? 

I have no doubt that the time will come when either cosmic occurrences or the ignorant, explosive pursuits of mankind will bring this globe (or at least life on it) to an end but who among us is wise enough to predict the time?  None! 

I will willingly acknowledge that the Mayans were a technologically advanced people before their time... considering evidence of brain surgery and other exacting scientific accomplishments.

But, lest we forget, they also sacrificed "virgins" to appease their various gods. 

Besides, my good wife and I will be celebrating our 60th wedding anniversary only a few days over a month before the supposed termination of life as we know it. 

And I would be greatly annoyed if we didn't have time to celebrate the occasion with a few glasses of champagne along with some Puget Sound oysters-on-the-half-shell and a bowl of geoduck (pronounced "gooey duck") chowder. 

I'm prepared to offer anyone 50 to 1 odds, of any amount declared, that we'll still be around for a while after the Mayan predicted date of our last adios. 

If I lose... you can take it out of my next paycheck. 

Awwww... c'mon.  Send me a check (only kiddin') and I'll see to it that your wager is held in the strictest confidence and, not unlike the "lock box" of Social Security when "investments" were extracted from us previously-employed suckers of the past few decades, will be protected from thievery.  

Now... how's that for a guarantee?

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