Get rid of the leaf blowers

By John Owen | Nov 17, 2011

Has it come and gone?

Did I miss the election completely?

Dang me.   I wanted to introduce an initiative or referendum that would have shaken the foundations of our society.

Or as a few city council incumbents would put it, "A day late, a few votes short."

I can only hope and pray the winners will compensate for my indolence.  

Specifically, I anticipate that they will glimpse the need and pass a directive outlawing gasoline-powered leaf blowers within the Edmonds City Limits.  

Our city leaders don't have to look far for guidance.  

Just last week I followed a citizen with such an infernal machine chasing a few innocent leaves past the City Hall entrance and all the way to the fountain.  

The leaves remained.  They were merely rearranged.

And the sidewalk coffee sippers at Starbuck's were not amused.

Some of my favorite west coast cities have in recent years outlawed the infernal machines.  

They include Carmel by the Sea, Manhattan Beach,  Palo Alto, Santa Monica and Newport Beach.

Since the Edmonds election may not be certified until the end of the month my anti-noise campaign has been put on hold.

I was anticipating that council candidate Joan Bloom might carry the banner.  

She is an enthusiastic gardener.  

She painted posies on all her campaign posters and I could just imagine her attending city council meetings wearing a sun bonnet and carrying a garden sprinkler.

By contrast her election opponent, D. J Wilson, often has erupted like a gasoline leaf blower when encountering opposition at council meetings.  

But that's not fair.  Leaf blowing is a unisex problem.  

I have determined that whenever an Edmond resident decides to take a mid-afternoon nap,  two neighborhood based gasoline powered  blowers automatically  erupt into action with a great roar accompanied by a cloud of leaves, dirt and pet feces.

Vote no on leaf blowers.

Or has the election already come and gone?

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