Contract rezone facts and options to the public

By The Mayor | Oct 22, 2009
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By Gary Haakenson

There has been much conversation about an application delivered to the City Planning Department on July 17.

A law firm representing the Edmonds Shopping Center Associates applied for a contract rezone for the property known as the Safeway or Antique Mall property near the Port of Edmonds.

They paid the $3,255 fee for application, and that started the clock ticking on our regulatory requirements regarding such applications.

The application is called Sunset Landing and is a mixed use, transit-oriented development consisting of two phases, North and South, according to the documents.

It includes parking, commercial spaces, and open space. It also features a residential building 75 feet in height and another at 60 feet. The rezone request asks for a change to allow for buildings in excess of the height currently allowed.

By law the City must process such an application within identified timelines.

We have 28 days to determine if the application is complete. We must determine what significance the project has under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).

There are three threshold levels: Non-Significance, Mitigated Significance or Significant. If staff decides that the latter category is in effect, then a determination will be issued, and that decision can be appealed to the hearing examiner.

Staff continues according to law to check the application for compliance with code and comprehensive plans. If mitigation is called for, staff will make recommendations.

A staff recommendation on the project will be made to the Planning Board. The board will hold at least one public hearing on the matter.

The Planning Board will take public comment and then make their recommendation to the City Council.

The Council will then have the task of adopting the boards recommendation, remanding it back to the Planning Board for changes, or denying the request completely.

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