A walk along the Edmonds waterfront is a local treat

By Bob McChesney, Executive Director, the Port of Edmonds | Sep 15, 2011

The Edmonds waterfront just keeps getting better and better, especially for walkers.

Back in 1962, when the initial section of the marina was constructed, the Port built the first walkway of sorts, mainly for the convenience of boating tenants. Or so we thought.

Recreational walkers soon discovered the beauty and charm of strolling alongside boats and saltwater and before long a trend was born.

In 1969, the second half of the marina was completed and it, too, had provision for walkers, again almost as an afterthought.

It wasn’t until 1992, when the seawall and breakwater in the north marina were replaced, that facilities designed specifically for walkers became a key development element of the Port of Edmonds design.

Built into the new seawall was a wooden plank boardwalk with benches and elbow-friendly railings for resting, viewing and daydreaming.

You may remember that the last few days of 1996 brought the most significant changes imaginable to the Port.

All but one of the docks collapsed under a record snowfall and 300 boats were sunk.

Fourteen months later, through good planning, political courage and Herculean effort by hundreds of workers, the entire marina was rebuilt to what it is today.

Again, a key element of the design was a promenade for recreational walkers, this time running the full length of the marina.

It featured a pedestrian overpass at the extreme south end, which for the first time allowed walkers and runners to cover the entire distance from the ferry dock to Marina Beach, only once leaving the water’s edge.

Our waterfront partners, the City of Edmonds, developed Brackett’s Landing North and South, which—no pun intended—bracketed the ferry dock.

Soon thereafter the City developed the walkway and bulkhead between there and the fishing pier, with one small side trip around a piece of private property.

Once at the fishing pier, the Port’s walkway takes over.

In recent years, we have added view cutouts to the north portion of the marina walkway and built the relaxing public plaza in the mid-marina area.

Besides the benches and floral landscaping, the nearby Port weather station makes this a great stopping off point along a one- or two-mile walk.

Whatever the weather, there are restaurants serving goodies to make the trip more than just an ordinary walk.

You can enjoy everything from ice cream cones to adult beverages to full sit-down dining.

Of course, each comes with the Port’s incomparable views.

So, if you haven’t done so lately, come on down.

Park free and treat yourself to what is arguably the most enjoyable walk anywhere on Puget Sound.

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