A look forward to good food and drink

By John Owen | Dec 15, 2011

I  swear I can smell a pot roast from two blocks away.    

I can also discern when there is not a pot roast cooking two blocks away.

I've been sniffing the air up and down Main Street and I think I detect the essence of Irish whiskey, which is no duplicate for pot roast but could satisfactorily round out the meal.

To be more specific, I've been anticipating the opening of Jack Murphy's Irish bar and owner Brian Taylor has confided that it is just a sniff away from realization, at its location just next to Bill the Butcher, which is still more sizzle than steak.

     Taylor really should schedule the opening for New Year's Day because he is also the author of the Edmonds Polar Bear Plunge off the beach at Brackett's Landing, following a parade down Main from Daphne's wine bar which Taylor also created.

Obviously I'm preoccupied with food and drink and am able to report that the former Olive's restaurant will soon be offering more than onions and pimentos.  

The space next to city hall will soon be occupied by The Rusty Pelican.  

If that proves to be a duplicate of the Wallingford eatery of the same name, it will fill a lot of gustatory lusts in downtown Edmonds.  

Which is to say that The Rusty Pelican would offer a full breakfast menu highlighting eggs Benedict, crepes and stuffed French toast, , lots of main dish salads and sandwiches for lunch and a dinner menu featuring fish, foul and quite possibly a simmering pot roast.

A full bar is also anticipated.

I have never understood why Olive's didn't succeed but the original owner, Michael Young, does have other eggs to fry and has been featured recently on syndicated cooking shows.

After closing Olives, Young opened  the Winged Pig in Old Milltown. He has recently moved on from that venue.

The Winged Pig is now owned by Dan Stein.  The  menu is much the same, with a few alterations.

The ambiance is appealing as are the selections of wine and mixed drinks.

I doubt that they are turning out pot roast. But the pork sliders are a more than adequate substitute.

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