A big day for dogs

By John Owen | Oct 13, 2011

I think I'm suffering from withdrawal.

There will be no Saturday market in Edmonds.

I'll miss the berry displays, the Yukon gold potatoes, the cage-free eggs and the late summer greens.

And I'll admit it.  I will miss the dogs.  

OK, I complain about market dogs, but generally I only complain about the whiny, tiny mutts and those big enough to be entered in the Ellensburg Rodeo bareback competition. I tend to step on the former and trip over the latter.  

I'm not completely convinced dogs belong in a public market.  But they will be missed, by a lot of market regulars.

But why should they?  The dogs aren't gone.  They have merely moved on to another venue.

After all, this is Edmonds where dog is king and will rule from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., this Saturday at the annual Halloween Howl at the leash free dog area just south of Marina Beach.

There will be clinics including one describing the best way to break up a dog fight.  No it does not involve fire hoses.  Or maybe it does.  Show up and find out.

There will be raffles, a silent auction and canine experts offering advice on diet, health and societal sniffing, I would suppose.

The highlight of the day will probably be costume judging.

A cheapskate could probably get by parading  his or her dog wearing a "Bark for Sark" purple t-shirt.

But there are companies offering exotic, expensive lines of Halloween apparel off the rack or out of the catalog.  

You can dress your female peke in  pink lingerie but I'm not sure how long it would last in the off-leash dog park if pursued by bulldogs wearing "prisoner pet" stripes.

You can dress your fido as an Angry Bird, as Raggedy Ann or Dracula Dog.

I'd pay admission to see a miniature poodle when confronted by a female lab dressed as Cat Woman.

Well, I can see you are already getting excited about the Halloween Howl in Edmonds.

But how will you handle your withdrawal after the Howl and until the Saturday market resumes next spring?

Fortunately, our Alki Tours travel book has recently arrived and offers you the opportunity to travel with Snohomish County friends to the 135th Annual Westminster Kennel Show in New York this February where you will be confronted by 25,000 of the smartest, best groomed, best behaved hounds, all competing for the covetous Best In Show award.

I'm not sure it will surpass the Edmonds Halloween Howl for pure excitement.

Cat Woman and The Angry Birds have not been  invited
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