A better way to raise kids

By John Pierre | Feb 16, 2012

A strange thing seems to be happening to American society.  Possibly this is true elsewhere but I kinda doubt it... at least to the degree that it is happening here. 

I'm referring to the divorce rate among young marrieds. 

The wedding vow, "for better or worse," seems to mean little or nothing these days. 

Comes a little bump in the road and young people start looking for a divorce lawyer. 

Maybe the vow should be changed to "for good, better or best." 

It isn't that divorce wasn't present in my day but it certainly wasn't as prevalent as it is today. 

I'm beginning to think that the promiscuity so jovially promoted in movies and on television is a contributing factor but that can't be the entire cause. 

The other half of the equation seems to be that an ever growing percentage of young people don't bother to get married at all.  Babies born to single mothers are rapidly becoming the norm and little thought is given to it. 

There was a time when babies happened a year or so after a couple took their wedding vows. 

I feel confident that the earlier attitude had some benefits, especially for the kids. 

Mama often stayed home and worked hard to raise the little ones to become responsible adults. 

Papa worked equally hard and usually brought most of his pay home to the family. 

Oh... he might have stopped off for a beer on payday but providing for his family was his primary purpose in life. 

Don't misunderstand,  I'm not in any way opposed to women in the work place. 

When children are not involved I'm all in favor of it (it adds some class to any company) but I do wonder about how wise it is to pawn the little ones off on some stranger in a day care facility, at great cost, to facilitate the earning of a few extra bucks in the corporate world. 

Was the old way unrealistically idyllic? 

It might seem that way but those early-to-mid 20th Century beliefs certainly contributed to what I believe was a healthier society where mama and papa put up with each other's failings, and feelings, just a little longer than in today's society before seeking a dissolution of their "til death do us part" promise. 

Okay.  I've gotten that off of my chest so that I can get back to being me... a happy-go-lucky miserable old curmudgeon who's been happily married to his high-school sweetheart for coming up on our 60th anniversary this year.

And it ain't always been easy for either of us, but I suspect we'll remain a team 'til death do us part.

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