A CRI Trivia Test

By John Nadeau | Mar 18, 2010
Spring term classes will soon be underway at the Creative Retirement Institute, and you know what that means, trivia fans!

It’s time for another quiz that purports to test your knowledge but is really a plot to entice you into some of the great courses coming up.

First, take the quiz. Then, we’ll tell you how to get more information about this lifelong learning program -- open to all adults over age 50 -- sponsored by Edmonds Community College.

The answers immediately follow the questions. The names of the courses follow the answers.
Remember, no cheating. You have to slide your hand down the page to reveal each answer.

1. What three other countries besides the United States occupied Berlin from 1945 to 1990?

Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and France (The Berlin Occupation)

2. By what name was Frederic Chopin’s companion, the Baroness Aurora Dudevant, better known?

George Sand (Chopin: The Man and His Music)

3. What popular leading man of the 50s starred in such movie classics as “Sabrina,” “Stalag 17,” and “Sunset Boulevard”?

William Holden (Four Classic William Holden Films)

4. Which nation, a leading world power, pegs its currency to the U.S. dollar?

China (Is the U.S. Dollar in Trouble?)

5. A CRI memoir-writing course, The Past Recaptured, borrows its title from which French novelist?

Marcel Proust (The Past Recaptured: Writing Your Story)
6. Who was the famous 17th century Dutch painter best known for his serene, contemplative domestic scenes?

Jan Vermeer (The Art of Vermeer)
7. What is the term for sedimentary rock, formed from mud or clay, that may contain materials like fossils?

Shale (The Burgess Shale of BC)

8. What is the political movement, founded by Benito Mussolini, characterized by nationalism, totalitarianism, and anti-communism?

Facism (The Eagles Fell and the World Turned Upside Down, Part 3)

9. If you were to die intestate, that is, without a will, who would make one up for you?

The State of Washington (End of Life Decisions)

10. Which Roman military leader and politician chose to live with his Egyptian mistress and became isolated from Rome?

Mark Antony (Exploring Shakespeare’s “Antony and Cleopatra”)

Did you get a good score? Regardless, you learned a lot about 10 CRI spring term courses.

Actually, you have about 20 more to choose from, all drawn from the humanities and sciences or relating to current trends. All are non-credit, college-level courses.

Do you have the latest CRI course brochure? To obtain one, or to learn more about CRI, phone 425-640-1830.

The Creative Retirement Institute, which has offered courses for older adults since 1993, is one of the Northwest’s pioneers in lifelong learning.

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