High praise and not so much...

By Mertie Bourque | Apr 05, 2013


A two-fer offered here.  The first is addressed to William Wood. I am very much enjoying his Beacon column "It's All Legal."  Very timely topics and interesting reading. thank you, Mr. Wood.

It is a breath of fresh air to our familiar paper.

The second is addressed to Edmonds City Mayor Dave Earling.

The mayor's column of March 28 is pretty much the same litany of Edmonds' budget woes.

Once again he is listing needy street repair, needy parks program, needy city employees.  He wants a "blunt discussion" (his words) about maintaining the quality of life in Edmonds.

How in the world can Earling expect anyone to take him seriously when the city can and will pony up more than $2,000,000 to tear up and rearrange Five Corners while "roughly half our streets are in poor to critical condition"? (His words again).

The city fathers seriously underestimate the impact this decision about Five Corners has had on the citizenry of Edmonds.  It is not going to go away.

As seldom as it is discussed lately in the Beacon, the issue is alive and well and we will remember.

And we also know where you can get a couple million dollars for your "needs", Mr. Earling.


Mertie Bourque

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