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6 Movements Fitness Studio provides results, and a fun way to get there

Jan 11, 2018
Courtesy of: 6 Movements Fitness Studio Members of the 6 Movements team are ready to help clients reach their goals, offering a variety of workout programs that meet individual needs. Picture are: Elizabeth, foreground; Heather, on rower; Cindy, on TRX; and Renee, with kettlebell.

Perhaps you’re a young adult with a spouse and kids who fill up your day. Or maybe you’re a senior who has spent too much time on your behind until one day you realize your body looks and feels worn out.

Whatever your personal story, you probably have experienced the challenges of trying to get yourself back into shape.

Whether you’ve tried joining a gym where you feel embarrassed and lost among the bodies beautiful and the glistening machines, or spent an arm and a leg on home equipment that often ends up as clothes racks, too often those efforts end in failure, dampening your previous enthusiasm for that elusive goal.

You found it difficult to stay motivated; you didn’t know if you were using weights and other equipment properly; you injured yourself doing it wrong; you gave up because you weren’t getting results.

Renee Reed feels your pain. She’s been there. (More on that later.) Determined to offer a different, better path to the healthier, stress- and pain-free life you’ve been seeking, Renee opened 6 Movements Fitness Studio in Edmonds, a boutique studio that offers highly individualized instruction in class settings that are designed to be fun and positive while focusing on your wants and needs.

Designed to be high or low intensity but low impact, 6 Movements classes focus on whole body workouts with an aim toward improving your cardio, strength and flexibility.

Through years of trial and error in a variety of workout programs, Renee developed her own programs that simply aren’t available anywhere else. Using kettlebells, TRX suspension straps, rowing machines and other specialized equipment, she and her staff of certified fitness trainers have created workouts that provide results and enable you to live the kind of life you want.

“I want to help ordinary people do extraordinary things,” Renee said.

Your journey begins with a discussion of your goals and an assessment of your abilities to ensure your workout program will meet those goals at your own pace.

Renee said goals of some of her clients range from an older woman who wants to be able to walk in the surf in Hawaii without getting knocked over, to an overweight client who has lost 80 pounds and counting, to several clients who have had hip or other joint replacements and want to return to the active, pain-free lifestyles they previously enjoyed.

Renee can relate to all of them. Athletic in her youth – she played soccer, rugby, back-country skied and more – Renee succumbed to the ravages of a stressful career as a highly paid IT executive, juggled work and family obligations, and let her body decline.

Overweight, pre-diabetic and arthritic, she suffered from high cholesterol, chest pain, heart palpitations and vertigo. She became a different, unhappy person. Doctors and physical therapists weren’t always helpful, counseling rest when she should have been active.

“I was internalizing stress,” she said, “going to all the specialists. But no one ever said, ‘You need to exercise, lose weight and eat right.’ No one.”

Renee took a summer off from her stressful job, planted a garden – “It was killing me,” she confessed. – tried working with trainers, and bought workout equipment to use at home, but it wasn’t getting her to where she wanted to be.

Finally, she and her husband signed up for a “boot camp.”

“It changed my life,” she said. Weighing nearly 200 pounds, she couldn’t do a single push-up, and only three sit-ups.

“I was embarrassed – and angry – at myself,” she said. “I started at the bottom.”

Fortunately, Renee said, she had a good instructor who always found something she could do. Slowly, she improved, gaining strength and losing weight. After a year, she lost 30 pounds and could do 50 push-ups.

That experience encouraged her to try other options. She took up CrossFit, a type of high-intensity training that’s appealing to highly competitive personalities but also can have a high risk of injuries.

“But I had too much body damage,” Renee said. She had a knee replaced, tore ligaments and blew three disks in her spine, and her shoulders were failing, too.

She learned about kettlebell training, a low-impact, whole body type of weight exercise, and fell in love with it. Over time, she earned certification in a range of fitness disciplines, and one day decided she was done with the high-stress executive life she had endured, so that she could focus full time on what she wanted to do, helping others get fit again.

Thus, in April 2017, 6 Movements Fitness Studio was born. The name is based on six human movement patterns that are core to all physical activity – pushing, pulling, bending, rotating, squatting and stepping.

The atmosphere at 6 Movements is fun, welcoming and energizing. It's the kind of place where you make friends and look forward to going.

Renee and a team of other certified trainers offer a variety of classes, as well as private one-on-one training when desired, that are designed to help clients regain healthy bodies and minds. The team includes personal trainers, a master rowing instructor and a yoga instructor.

“We help people get better so they can have the lifestyle they want,” she said.

Renee herself is walking proof. “I learned I could get strong again,” she said. “I still have arthritis and artificial joints. But at 64 I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I’m healthy, I’m strong, and I’m very happy. I attribute that to being fit.”

Reed’s business model is appealing, too. There are no contracts, classes are inexpensive, there are a variety of discounts for families and friends, and up to 50 percent off for seniors. “We’re accessible but not unaffordable,” Reed said, “especially for seniors on fixed incomes.”

6 Movements also accepts Silver Sneakers and Silver & Fit insurance plans.

6 Movements offers workshops and community events to help people learn fun ways to be active.  Upcoming workshops include Basic Indoor Rowing, Introduction to Kettlebell Training and Nordic Pole Walking.

During the month of February, 6 Movements will sponsor a community-wide nutrition challenge.

The studio is in Firdale Village at 9685 Firdale Ave., Edmonds. To learn more, call 206-546-MOVE (6683) or go online to 6movements.com.

So, no matter how busy your lifestyle, or how sedentary, you can make time – and will want to – at 6 Movements Fitness Studio. “It doesn’t have to be a big obstacle to stay fit,” Renee said.

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