5-story addition proposed for Pt. Edwards

The meeting was well attended by approximately 120 members of the public
By Tom Waggener | Jan 10, 2013
A photo introduced at the ADB Hearing to demonstrate the impact this project will have visually. The lighter shaded structure is the projected profile above the lower horizontal existing buildings.

As a resident of Edmonds, and the Point Edwards Condominium, I attended the meeting of the Edmonds Architectural Design Board (ADB) held at Council Chambers on Wednesday evening, Dec. 19.

This important meeting was for the review of “Building 10” (50 Pine Street) currently proposed by developers (Point Edwards, LLC) under the amended Point Edwards Master Plan.

The meeting was well attended by approximately 120 members of the public, with a significant number being residents of the Point Edwards Condominium.

A large number of issues were raised regarding the proposed design and scope (mass) of the proposed new building with 89 residential units, increased traffic flows,  and the extent of outside parking.

However, the ADB and Staff indicated the authority and responsibility of the ADB was restricted to three simple issues:  1) Color and nature of building materials, 2) roof modulation, and 3) landscape changes from earlier review documents.

Other issues were deemed to be beyond the scope of the ADB mandate.

The Developer acknowledged that “Building 10” will not be included in the Point Edwards Condominium, but rather separately under the overall Master Plan, consistent with the owner right to add new ‘phases’ to the Condominium or not.

The conditions of the Master Plan (File No. CDC-2002-37, approved 7/18/2002) are now controlling.

The Master Plan approves a total of 350 multi-family units; there are a total of 89 units remaining undeveloped. This remaining density would now be concentrated on the small Lot 3 parcel.

Many residents of Point  Edwards Condominiums and the nearby community are indeed concerned about the mass and design of the five-story height proposed, and the dominating appearance that this will have on the landscape not only surrounding Point Edwards but for the entire Edmonds community.

Additional issues of congestion on Pine Street, parking, safety and other community concerns were not considered by the ADB.

The ADB did not take action bur rather directed the Developer to make further modifications to the development plans (only the three points noted above) and indicated that another public meeting will be scheduled “later”, now rumored to be scheduled for early February.

There is very little time for the entire Edmonds community to now be made aware of this proposed development and to have the opportunity to comment publicly on the impact it will have on us all.


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Posted by: john dolan | Jan 28, 2013 12:16

As a resident of Edmonds, I am concerned about the direction the City Mayor and Council appear to be headed regarding development. I am not anti business or development, but from what I've seen so far makes me concerned for the future of the City. Projects that raise my concern are development at Harbor Square, Point Edwards, and the coal train issue. If these projects are allowed to continue unabated, the City is going to enter a phase where, I believe, it will start to lose it's small town charm and character (isn't that why we live here?). Once that's started, the damage will be done and there will be no turning back. We will follow along the same path as  waterfront communities like Kirkland, Ballard, Shoreline, Kenmore and others. I know that revenues for the city are down and that cuts need to be made and that development is about raising revenue, but first we need to make sure that we have done everything possible to cut expenditures before we look at the tax revenue(development) side of the balance sheet. Elected officials seem to have this knee jerk reaction to want to raise taxes as a first resort rather than a last resort. I suppose that's because they either don't have the skill to make necessary cuts, they want to be all things to all people and don't want to offend anybody, or they really aren't concerned about spending other people's money. If the City can show residents that they have done everything possible to cut expenditures responsibly, they might be willing to consider tax increases. If not, then we all have to live within our means. Irresponsible development is not the answer. Frankly, I don't have confidence in City elected officials to deal effectively with this issue.

Raising revenues with the kind of projects mentioned above doesn't appear to be responsible. Point Edwards has a proposed final building in the works that doesn't conform to the rest of the development. If this isn't modified, It will bring down property values. If we are concerned about revenue, wouldn't it make sense to make sure these values go up and not down?This developer isn't comcerned about that. All he's concerned about is his pocket book at the expense of the City and it's residents. Harbor Square is proposing more density and taller structures which will block views and increase traffic and congestion. I'm all for cleaning up Harbor Square, but how many stories is enough?

Then there are the coal trains. Forget the environmental issues for a moment. How many trains did they say were going to pass through Edmonds everyday? So many that if you have to cross the tracks at night you might have to wait until the next morning. The Mayor wants us to compromise on this issue. Does that mean 80 trains instead of 120? Is the mayor willing to compromise on Harbor Square and Point Edwards for the public's benefit? The City wants developers to cough up bike trails, viewing points, small parks and other amenities in exchange for development. These token amenities don't come close to compensating for the damage done by irresponsible development.

Responsible development benefits everyone.

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