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By John Pierre | Jun 26, 2014

Once again I feel motivated to share my feelings about how lucky we are to have a first class hospital right here in Edmonds.

I don't know if hospitals have a star rating such as hotels, but Swedish Edmonds, in my opinion, is definitely a 5-star facility.  I would go on to say that I have, from time to time, stayed in 5-star hotels that could take lessons from Swedish Edmonds.

Recently I have had two separate incidents that required hospitalization.  The first required a visit to the emergency room followed by a one night and a day stay in a regular room.  The second incident proved to be more troublesome, and I was a guest first in intensive care and then the following three days in one of their regular rooms.

The doctors, nurses and nurse's aides couldn't have been more relaxing and pleasant to be around.  I'll admit I didn't press the nurse's button very often, but when I did, rarely more than a minute or two went by before the intercom voice asked me what my request for attention was.

I even had an endoscope performed on me so unobtrusively that I didn't even realize it had happened.  For those of you who don't know, an endoscope requires deadening of the throat, something to put you to sleep followed by a camera being inserted to look around inside your stomach.

I only have one complaint.  The nature of my medical difficulty required that I could not have any solid food for three days.  A small cardboard container of apple juice was referred to as food.

But I have no other complaints.  Almost all of the other patients were provided a menu that would put many local restaurants to shame.

The entire hospital has been beautifully remodeled or, in fact, built new.  I can't say enough about Swedish Edmonds in offering accolades.  They are the best of the best in service and delightful personnel.

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