5.25 percent    Really???

By Charles Olson, Lynnwood | Nov 20, 2012

Here we go again! It was announced by the wonderful Port of Edmonds meeting that the tenant’s rental rates would be increased to 5.25 percent.

This is after feedback from approximately seven tenants that rates should not be increased due to the current economy.

Businesses are currently feeling this as revenues are down and employees are being laid off.   Some marinas are recognizing this situation and only having minimal rate increases or none at all.

Kingston Marina is raising the rental rates 2.7 percent and Everett Marina (which is Union) is not raising the rates at all.

Here are a few concerns in the need to increase revenue by raising the rates:

1)   Why is there a need for five commissioners?  Some much larger ports have only three.  The Port of Edmonds include two  boaters and  they were voting for 3 percent increase (which is still too high), one former boater and two non-boaters.  There is a need for the Port to have representation for the boaters/tenants also so their opinion can be heard.

2)   There is a rumor that there will be bonuses for the two existing Port managers and the new one… if that is a fact this makes the rate increase even more outrageous.

3)   Boating is a relaxing sport and now it has become a burden to some families.  It is expensive to moor a boat here plus with gas rates as high as they currently are going out on the water is also a strain on the pocket book.

4)   Tenants that want to continue boating will either have to make the decision to either sale their boat or move to another marina.  In either case the Port of Edmonds is going to be losing money.

5)   How does the Port think they are going to pay employee’s salaries?  When the tenants are getting tired of the increases, treatment and leaving the Marina for a new location?

6)   Tenants need to be respected and not harassed.  Example: tenants are charged for 1 foot overhang but this does not apply to guest boaters?  How is that fair?

7)   Tenants are also treated with disrespect by Port employees or their concerns are ignored.  No bang for your buck here.

There was talk in the past about a “Master Plan” for the strip mall (which I believe was purchased for 13 million dollars).  There is talk of perhaps building condos.

We have heard the ground is on an oil soaked swamp and there is a question how much weight the ground will support.

If this turns out to be a mistake who will have to pay for this one? The current Port management is out of touch with reality and does the same thing every year.

To support these increases lame excuses are given to the tenants. The Management employees and the Commissioners that are in charge are the most incompetent bunch I have ever seen and I am not the only person that thinks this way.

The Port seems to think the  tenants are a bottomless pit for revenue.  It is time to clean house, examine the process without continually squeezing the tenants.

The rates have to be returned to the 2012 rate or boaters will be leaving to go to other marinas where they are wanted and respected.

In the quest for more money it is going to be a loss of revenue for the Port, businesses and vendors at or in the vicinity of the Marina.

This will be a trickle down effect we do not want at the Port. We, the tenants of Edmonds Marina need to unite and address this rate increase immediately.


Charles Olson




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