24 Edmonds students are going to We Day

By Thea Miklasiewicz | Mar 14, 2013

Twenty-four students and six adults around the Edmonds School District area have earned the right to go to We Day.

Some of you may have heard of this on the news, but many may be scratching your heads right now on what We Day is.

I can tell you, as a person who promotes positive social change in our area, I have been following We Day for a couple years now, hoping We Day would come to our area.

Here is a very good definition, taken off of their website, www.weday.com:


We Day Seattle will bring together 15,000 young people to celebrate the power of youth to create positive change in their local and global communities.

You can’t buy a ticket to We Day – you earn it through service. We Act  is a comprehensive service learning program that supports schools and youth groups in taking tangible action to make a difference in the world.

Groups take on one local and one global action and report back to Free The Children to earn their way to We Day.

In turn, schools and groups get tools and resources to make their We Act commitments come to life. More than an event, We Day celebrates a movement of young people leading change through We Act.


I don’t know who will be performing at We Day yet, but for the most part, parents would pay up to $100 per ticket for their children to see the performers.

These students will see them because they earned them.

How did they earn them, you may ask?  These students, grades five through High School every year participate in a community Easter Egg Hunt held at Edmonds Lutheran Church.

This community hunt attracts up to 400 children around the area and for 17 years has never had parents run down children for that “one” golden egg.

Children don’t have to compete to get a few eggs in their baskets and if a family shows up late, not to fear, there are “emergency eggs.”

There are no reasons for tears at this hunt.

The Boy Scouts who meet over at Edmonds United Methodist Church, Edmonds Lutheran Church youth, Warrior’s for Christ at Edmonds/Woodway High School along with other groups all band together to fill over 12,000 eggs and make about 400 baskets and gift bags.

All children get a “golden egg” in their bag and the average eggs per child will range between 30 and 60 eggs.

The Hunt starts at 9 am on March 30, and is done in plenty of time for families to go on to other hunts if they want to around the area.  Most families report this hunt is the most family oriented, gentlest hunts they have ever been to!

We could never have such a success without our youth wanting to make our community a great place to live!

That’s what has earned them tickets to We Day.

It’s hard to break down who will go, so I offered eight students and two adults to the Boy Scouts, nine students and one adult to Warrior’s of Christ at Edmonds/Woodway High School and seven students and three adults to the Edmonds Lutheran youth.

I wish I could of gotten 50 tickets!  I have so many deserving youth!

We Day is a great way to inspire and thank our youth at the same time.  It promotes social change and tells youth how they can do in their neighborhoods or in their world.

It lets students know that a few hours of community service makes big changes everywhere.  I am thrilled our community hunt was chosen so I could thank our children and show their time was worthy!



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