Here is a first:  My opinion

By Dan Aznoff | Aug 15, 2019

In the 40-plus years spent dedicated to the pursuit of journalism, I have never had my words published on the Editorial Page. This is a first.

My decision to get personal stems from the outrageous lies spread by a publication that considers itself a newspaper in Mill Creek. For some reason that does not make sense that the Mill Creek View has dedicated far too much coverage of what The Beacon is doing and how we deliver the news to residents and business owners in the city.

The only explanation is the publisher is either intimidated by the presence of an actual newspaper in the city, or he is worried he will lose his hold on what he thought was an exclusive grip on the community.

Why else would he publish his views of an incident that took place last week at the Mill Creek Post Office?

As detailed online in The Beacon, supervisors at the post office had informed the publishers of both newspapers that federal regulations forbid the distribution of written materials on government property. Apparently the managers never bothered to enforce the rule until it was brought to their attention.

Given two weeks to remove our boxes, The Beacon had its boxes out of sight by Friday, Aug. 9. Maintenance crews at the Post Office were forced to use bolt cutters to remove boxes that held the offending publication.

The other publication captured images of the space where The Beacon boxes had been, with a Front Page headline that deceived readers into believing that The Beacon was pulling out of Mill Creek.

Let’s be clear. Nothing could be further from the truth.

NOTE: As long as I’m at it, let me share my definition of a newspaper. I was raised in the era of Woodward and Bernstein. The duty of a newspaper is the objective delivery of news and events that impact the lives of its readers. It is not the platform for spewing outrageous claims that lack the credibility of the truth.

As long as I am allowed to be the editor, The Beacon will remain committed to the pledge that my publisher Paul Archipley made to me when he offered me the role as editor and chief bottle washer.

We will always present facts and not opinions on the front page. Our opinions will always be clearly labeled on the Opinion Page. We welcome input from readers who may not share our point of view, but we will never place opinions under the guise of the actual news.

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