Edmonds-Woodway students tackle ‘The Government Inspector’

By Jesse Blair | Feb 01, 2019
Courtesy of: Grace Salisbury Starring in Edmonds-Woodway’s “The Government Inspector” are, from left, Ava Messinger Henry Boekhoff and Sue Hart.

Colorful characters, quick-witted humor and plenty of laughs are just a few reasons to see Edmonds-Woodway Players’ “The Government Inspector.”

“It’s very farcical, very funny,” Edmonds-Woodway High School drama director Bruce Mindt said. “It’s really a lot of fun.”

American playwright Jeffrey Hatcher adapted the play into English from a script in Russian by Nikolai Gogol.

The setting: A small Russian town, where all-important dignitaries, including the mayor, discover that an undercover government inspector is arriving for a surprise visit to inspect how money in town is being spent.

It turns out that everyone in town is corrupt. So they huddle to try and figure out the government inspector’s identity, all the while hiding their bad behavior.

“It has all my play production students in it,” Mindt said. “There are about 20 cast members playing various roles. Just a lot of fun seeing how the town figures this conundrum out.”

Mindt has taught at Edmonds-Woodway for 26 years. He grew up in the area, graduated from Meadowdale High School and enrolling at the University of Washington to study theater. His wife also teaches in the district.

“So this has just been my career of choice, I guess,” he said.

Mindt believes theater impacts students’ lives because they understand things about themselves by playing characters different than themselves. It also makes students delve deeply into literature, helping them become experts on the show they are putting together.

“They really begin to create relationships with other humans that are very substantial, and get to know each other really well.”

Mindt says the pros of teaching high-schoolers is that they have an abundances of positive energy and end up teaching him a lot about how he should be living life. The cons are the many hours that go into teaching, as well as the bureaucracy, like state testing, that teachers are required to do.

“But I would say the high points are dealing with the kids,” Mindt said.

In addition to teamwork and self-discovery that comes from doing theater, Mindt said he enjoys the process of putting things together. He loves taking a piece of work that he’s never seen, doesn’t know anything about, and turning it into fun and interesting theater.

“I really love hanging out with these young people who haven’t been jaded by society yet, who are very idealistic, who remind me of things that are fantastic in life,” Mindt said. “And they keep me young, and really keep my energy up.”

“The Government Inspector” is open to the public.

“My kids are doing just a tremendous job so far in rehearsal, so I expect this to be just a really good time,” he said.

“The Government Inspector”

Where: Edmonds-Woodway High School Theater, 7600 212th St. SW, Edmonds
When: 7 p.m. Feb. 7-9; 3 p.m. Feb. 10
Tickets: $7; $5 with ASB card


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