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Jan 20, 2019

No need to videotape City Council committee meetings

Re: “City Council opts for less transparency at meetings,” Jan. 10:

I don't feel that it is wise (to videotape committee meetings). The general public doesn't have all the information that committee members have; therefore, it may create uninformed opinions.

It's not about keeping information secret. It's, I feel, let these men and women do what they do best with all the information, i.e., experience etc.

When people don't have the knowledge, not the complete information that I am certain the committee members have, it could bring uninformed votes and support, as well as disgruntled attitudes.

They have a hard enough position, I am certain. Let's not add more.

Jeann'e Pertile


Poop. There it is, again

I live in the Yost Park area and I have two small dogs.

I walk my dogs all around the park and on the streets from Bowdoin/Walnut to Ninth, and to Dayton streets. I pick up after my furry friends, and carry their waste home to put in the garbage.

Unfortunately, I often seem to be the only one. I find dog poop all along the streets and in the park (don’t blame the coyotes, because I know the difference), and I can’t understand why other people aren’t responsible.

I hate to say it, but owners of large dogs seem to be the worst, because large dog poop predominates. I even must clean up after irresponsible owners from in front of my own home.

If you have a dog, pick up after it! It is what responsible pet owners do. If you can’t, then don’t own a dog.

Dog poop is not only unsightly, but is a health and environmental hazard. Carry plastic bags with you – either those you get with veggies at the store or my favorite, the little poop bag, especially the ones with Trump’s face on them. They all work very well.

Carry the full bags home and dispose them properly.

If everyone respects their neighbors and picks up after their beloved pets, Edmonds will continue to be the lovely place we all want it to be.

Ruth Jewell


Privileged Edmonds peeps: Just relax on the poop panic

I'm a walking mail carrier in downtown Edmonds.

I put in many miles walking through yards, grass, dirt, etc. I've never been in a town where so many people actually pick up their dog poop.

Sometimes I think folks in Edmonds just like to complain about things. But if they actually got out of their little bubbles, they'd see how good they actually have it. In all my years in Edmonds, I've stepped in three piles of dog poop.

In Lynnwood, I practically hit three a day.

Enjoy being privileged, and relax.

Scott Beane


More info on area’s corners

It may not have been considered official by some, but well over 80 years ago, what is now the intersection of 212th Street SW and 76th Avenue West was known by the local people, including me, as Holmes Corner when it was still part of the North Trunk road system out of Seattle.

In the late 1930s, my brothers and I picked berries at the northeast corner of Holmes Corner for Savilla Salyers, the lady Sam Holmes tried to kill in 1918 before he turned the gun on himself and ended his own life.

In addition, the road from Holmes Corner east to Highway 99, when it was still gravel, was often called Holmes Road.

In Sam Holmes’ day, the corner area where he lived was referred to as Mountain View.

Many years ago there was even an old wooden sign that read Holmes Corner.

In an earlier-day downtown Edmonds – the corner of Fifth and Dayton was called Peabody's Corner for Frank Peabody who had a real estate business on the southwest corner.

Frank Peabody was one of the discoverers of the Monte Cristo mines.

Another very well known corner was Caspers Corner, named for the large Caspers family who owned the land on the south side of present Caspers Street from Sunset Ave. to Ninth.

Caspers Corner was located at Third Avenue North and Caspers Street, where Anthony Caspers for 24 years owned and operated Caspers Corner Texaco Service Station on the southeast corner.

Betty Lou Gaeng



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Posted by: Cynthia Flegenheimer | Jan 24, 2019 16:12

I have a concern related to the dog poop postings. I have a large dog and do walk him in the Edmonds area, and agree that we need to clean up after our pooches (which I do). I also find myself cleaning up after humans. In the 5 Corners area, where I live, I find a lot of plastic on lawns and the streets. Knowing it runs into sewers and out to the Sound, I have begun collecting that as well. It is often straws, bottle caps and other plastic garbage. Also, one suggestion - "biobags", which are compostable, are available for picking up dog and human garbage. Another helpful way to limit plastic pollution.

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