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So cute: Beacon carrier creates a newsletter on neighborhood cats
May 24, 2018
Photo by: Brian Soergel Aaron Giebel gets ready to fire up his computer and work on a new issue of Cute Kitten News.

On a recent slow news day, Aaron Giebel received a hot tip – it seems a neighborhood cat was sunning itself in the middle of the road.

Now this may not appear to be breaking news to you. But to Aaron, it was a step toward his goal to become THE place for news on cats for his Esperance neighborhood. (Spoiler: He’s done it.)

For 45 minutes, Aaron explained how he puts together issues of his Cute Kitten News – neighbor kids and babysitter Anna B. help – and gets ideas for his short stories.

Then, out of the blue: “I want to write for the Beacon and write a book in my spare time,” he said when asked what his future might hold.

Wait, what?

Spare time?

“I’m not trying to replace you,” he said, to my relief. “It’s just hard to make a living as an author; I just want to write in my free time, but I want to start with journalism.”

Did I mention Aaron is 12 and attends Madrona K-8?

He also delivers the Edmonds Beacon and gets good tips, one time hauling in about $100 on a monthly collection. Obviously, Aaron loves print. Even though Cute Kitten News has several websites (including and, his real joy is seeing his publication printed, which he distributes to neighbors and has even dropped off at the Edmonds Library.

“I give them to the librarians,” he said. “They love it.”

Aaron started Cute Kitten News last summer. He snaps most of the pictures (his cat Licks is a frequent subject), but also gladly accepts contributions from those in his neighborhood and anyone who has cat/kitten news.

The news must be cute, of course. “Cute kitten rolls in leaves,” reads the headline about a kitten rolling around, of course. In leaves.

Another: “Cute kitty sits on lap.”

And Aaron’s copyright notice includes the following: “Note: Cats do not speak human. All content is translated for your convenience.”

Here’s a recent contribution:

“Dear Cute Kitten News team: I would like to report that a very cute black kitten was recently spotted in an Edmonds townhouse apartment sitting in a bathtub. The same kitten was later seen perched on his scratching post/play structure, and was later observed pawing at things. Sincerely, an Edmonds resident.”

Aaron is always scribbling down what he sees, and what he imagines.

“I’ve been writing books ever since I could write,” he said. “I finally grew out of paper in fourth grade and started typing, so I could print things out.”

He also writes fiction, which he will include in Cute Kitten News. One in particular he’s excited about is “Jungle Paws,” which he’s serializing.

“It’s very visual and descriptive,” said Aaron’s mom, Joy Snell.

It’s apparent Aaron will go far in whatever he decides to do with his life. He has the drive, and the support of his parents and his teachers.

But Aaron still has to deal with his cats, the already mentioned Licks and another one, Moon. Moon has black hair and experiences growing pains.

“Little Moon continues to bite and play,” Aaron writes. “Recently, I printed out part of my book, ‘Jungles Paws,’ and Moon barfed all over it. Strange cat …”







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Posted by: Lori Susan Kunze | May 24, 2018 11:34

Is Aaron allowed to deliver his Cute Kitten News with his Edmonds Beacons? That would be super cool! Does he have a subscription list?

Posted by: Joy M Snell | May 24, 2018 20:48

That would be great, Aaron would love that!


Posted by: Aaron Giebel | Jun 08, 2018 19:40


Posted by: Aaron Giebel | Jun 08, 2018 19:40

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