Something creepy this way comes to Wastewater Treatment Plant!

By Pamela Randolph | Oct 22, 2017
Courtesy of: City of Edmonds You can check this out at Second Avenue South and Dayton Street in Edmonds.

A creepy, uneasy feeling permeated the City of Edmonds Wastewater Treatment Plant this morning. Staff anxiously – and cautiously - investigated the plant room by room, scouring the tunnels and pump galleries to try to determine what was amiss.

Equipment and tools appeared to be missing. Staff were perplexed when they found that the water fountain, which had been out of service for several months due to a rehabilitation project, was mysteriously filled with water and turned on.

No one could have imagined what was to come next.

As staff emerged from the effluent pump building and faced the fountain, a sense of panic set in. It was quite clear that someone – perhaps someone not of this world - wanted the fountain to flow and decided to take matters into their own hands.

We could not believe our eyes and had to snap a picture of the maintenance crew in the act of the repair.

All fun aside, the WWTP fountain and pagoda area underwent a small makeover this summer. All the tiles were replaced to provide a safe surface and uniform appearance. The concrete was pressure washed and sealed.

Staff worked together (self-funding decorations) to welcome the fountain back and hopefully bring visitors back for another look. It was a team-building event that we hope the community can enjoy with us.

Pamela Randolph works for the city of Edmonds. Or does she?


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