Edmonds mayor appoints housing task force

Aug 04, 2017

Mayor Dave Earling has appointed a task force to make recommendations for a housing strategy that the City Council – and perhaps others interested in Edmonds – will consider.

“Many groups around the region are working on housing and homelessness issues,” Earling said. “We need our own approach, one that recognizes good examples from others but is tailored to our community, our people, our needs.”

Appointees include Mark Smith (Housing Coalition of Everett and Snohomish County); Adrienne Fraley-Monillas (Edmonds City Council); Rob Van Tassell (Housing and Community Development of Catholic Housing of Western Washington); Anne Wermus (Edmonds Housing Instability Coalition); Bill Anderson (Edmonds Lutheran Church member); M. Chris Boyer (Good Shepherd pastor); Mark Craig (Henbart LLC); Jamie Reece (Keller Williams Real Estate); and Chris Collier (Alliance for Housing Affordability).

The city’s Comprehensive Plan requires the development of an Edmonds housing strategy by 2019. Earling said his task force will try to help this task get done sooner. The group will meet monthly, starting in the fall and into early 2018, to hear presentations and discuss actions to recommend.

“Housing affordability is a challenge in our community, even more than in some places,” said Shane Hope, the city’s development services director and task force leader.

“We want to come up with solutions for affordability and a range of housing needs. The intent is to have a strategic approach to what’s effective and what the city should prioritize.”

The draft housing strategy is expected to start with key data about housing in Edmonds. It will also identify various housing tools and resources and recommend actions and priorities for the city.

The strategy will be considered by the planning board, with input from the public, and ultimately may be adopted by the City Council next year.


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