Riddle her this: Just what is this installation?

It's on Sixth Avenue North in Edmonds
May 11, 2017
Courtesy of: Edmonds Art Commission Artist Elise Koncsek with her installation “Solve This Fence!”

Are you good at solving riddles? Give this one a try.

A new On the Fence installation at Civic Field along Sixth Avenue North called “Solve This Fence!” is an interactive puzzle by Seattle artist Elise Koncsek. The installation is 10 weathered wooden fence boards with intriguing shutters, trap doors and peek flaps.

The small shutters and flaps are etched with mysterious symbols. Underneath each shutter or flap is a word, or another symbol. The installation challenges people to put their minds together to solve the puzzle.

The solution is one 10-letter word.

Give up? Koncsek encourages the public to contact her for further hints or questions at elise@koncsek.com.

Koncsek is a professional photographer and an installation artist. Over the past three years, her works have appeared all around the Seattle area and at the Burning Man festival in Nevada.

Her previous On the Fence project for Edmonds was another interactive piece called “Edit,” in which people were invited to create stories from 23 individually mounted wood panels containing a word or a phrase on both sides of each panel.

On the Fence is a temporary art project of the city of Edmonds Arts Commission. Artists interested in creating installations for one of three locations are encouraged to contact the Arts Commission at eac@edmondswa.gov or 425-771-0228.


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