Let’s make sure 12th Man is heard across the country

By John Pierre | Jan 30, 2014

As I've heard some of my family say, "How 'bout them Hawks?"  The Seattle Seahawks won a few tough games by the skin of their teeth, but they won.

The NFC championship game against the San Francisco 49ers was a tough game by anyone's standards.  But we held on and won – much to the dismay of some of our California relatives.

The Super Bowl, coming up, won't be any picnic.  I detest just about everything about the Denver Donkos ... oooops ... Broncos but they are going to be tough.  They are without question on a hot streak.

Our Seahawks, on the other hand, have been struggling where their offense is concerned.  We may have peaked a little too early in the season.  Thankfully, our defense is debatably the best in the entire NFL and has been responsible for more than one of our wins.

Denver may have a little bit of an advantage in the Super Bowl, what with it being played in cold, maybe snowy, New York.  They are used to the miserable weather in their "mile high" stadium.  We, on the other hand, have an advantage in that the Seattle spirit, even without the 12th Man noise to encourage our team, should carry us to victory.

Too bad that much of our 12th Man crowd won't likely be freezing their bottoms off to attend the Super Bowl there.  But I'd be willing to bet a large enough Seattle crowd will be in the stands to holler loud enough to encourage our talented team.

Denver sounds a little cocky to me, and I'm thinking that will contribute to their demise.  Seattle, on the other hand, is practicing and training hard for this game.

Let's all root for the Seattle Seahawks to take the Super Bowl.  All the sports bars in our Edmonds area (and, of course, Seattle) will be packed with Hawks fans, and they'll be hollering loud enough to be heard all the way to New York.

A final thought:  Sherman, coming off the field where he had just been pushed in the face by Crabtree and angry, had a sports reporter stick a mic in his face, and he spouted off as an angry person might.  Too bad the media is making such a fuss about it.  He is, after all, a human who didn't like the insult.

As one of my sons would say, "Hook 'Em Hawks!"

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