A unique Edmonds relic

By John Pierre | Jun 13, 2013

How many of us know what and where the "Little Yellow Clubhouse" is and why it has become very much of an Edmonds landmark?

Steve Bell is the owner of the Little Yellow Clubhouse (dubbed that by his many friends who visit regularly.) The landmark in question is the yellow VW van parked along the Edmonds waterfront almost every day of the week on Sunset Avenue.

Steve is retired and finds his love of trains, which he shares with many residents of this beautiful waterfront community with the Olympic Mountain range as a back drop for his other love, photography.

Steve can only be considered as an Edmonds resident because of his daily anchorage/parking along our waterfront.

He does, however, have a significant other who is a permanent resident here.  I'm thinking that qualifies him as one of our special citizens.

Many friends know and stop to chat with Steve.  He welcomes all either in or near to his Little Yellow Club House.

Steve spent much of his working life as a warehouseman and, as I mentioned, a photographer.  At 71 years of age he has seen much of life and, to talk with him, has enjoyed a sizeable portion of it.

A local doctor, whose office is close by, stops by to discuss trains with Steve.  The Doc is emotionally involved with the railroad as his son is an engineer on a BNSF locomotive and however many more that respond to his controls.

Maybe I can get to know this medical man to see if I can hitch a ride to Seattle and back to Edmonds.  As another lover of the rails, I couldn't dream of a bigger thrill.

Born years ago in San Francisco, he finally got tired of that bee's nest and moved north.  We are honored to have him as one of ours!

Steve's business card acclaims that he is a CEO... I asked him about it.  With a twinkle in his eye he said it was his own company.   Whaddya want to bet there wasn't much competition for the position?

Stop by occasionally and say howdy to this remarkable man.  I'm sure you'll be welcome and, moreover, be entertained by the humor and Edmonds stories offered by this credit to our Edmonds-By-the-Sea community.

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Posted by: Jim Wilkinson | Aug 29, 2013 13:41

John Pierre is similar to so many other people who think something is great when it has no real effect or cost to them.  I own a home on Sunset and I have two rentals next door.

I have the dubious privilege of seeing Mr. Bell's very ugly "yellow clubhouse" parked constantly in front of my place, ruining a very good view.  He often pops the top on his van and literally "camps out" in front of my place for 6, 8, 10 hours or more nearly every day.  Apparently Mr. Bell nor Mr. Pierre are able to read the parking signs which clearly state that the parking is limited to 4 hours.

And apparently the city officials (Police, parking enforcement) have not had time to stop by and remind Mr. Bell what the ordinance is.  I've overheard Mr. Bell tell some of his cronies that he "lives here" and that this is "his home".  Not true.

I live here and I paid a lot of money for my property.  I pay fairly steep real estate taxes.  And my renters, who actually contribute to the Edmonds economy, are constantly complaining that he's loitering, does not pay any attention to the parking limits and his constant "crowd" of companions actually contributes to the lack of parking.

It's time to consider the Edmonds folks who live here, contribute to the town, and pay our fair share.  And it's time the Edmonds officials wake up and start enforcing the ordinances that were created for very good reasons.

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