1 party’s strategy is ‘domestic terrorism’

Dec 04, 2013


John Pierre’s column “Is America Following in Rome’s Footsteps?” clearly puts the responsibility on both parties for the current state of United States affairs.

This is the very old and hackneyed “pox on both their houses” argument.

In a philosophical sense, over a long period of time both Pierre and the old expression are correct.

However, in a political sense, both parties are not responsible equally.  Moreover, in a psychological sense, one party, the Republican party, bears a greater burden of guilt.

In a family, if one member chooses a strategy that threatens the (parental) leadership of the family by refusing to cooperate on any rulemaking, and threatens the economic credit of the family, then that member stands alone is his ability to permanently damage the family.

If two NBA teams reach the finals, and one team walks out on prior agreements and rules, and takes the ball and leaves, who is to blame?

Walking out on the U.S. government, its fair play, its debts, and, yes, its mistakes, is a form of domestic terrorism and a form of irrational rage.

There is only one party currently dealing with this strategy.

Michael Thompkins, Psy.D


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Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | Dec 05, 2013 10:52

Thank you, Dr. Thompkins, for expressing exactly my thoughts.  I am tired of stasis, manufactured crises, obstruction, endless inane criticism...  Mr. Pierre is right when he implies that a functioning nation must find ways to work together, but we seem to have one party that without any visible ideal of a better nation, seem to have no idea what to do but to obstruct.  We need both parties and balancing points of view - but also a commitment to working things out together.  And that we sadly do not have.  Thank you for your letter.

Posted by: Jim Shelton | Dec 06, 2013 08:00

Oh please.  To be objective, one only needs to go back a few years and find the "other" party doing the same things.  In fact, if you review the last few decades of political nonsense you see both parties causing or bringing the government to "shutdown."

Posted by: john dolan | Dec 28, 2013 09:44

On the one hand you preach compromise, but then you turn around and accuse one party of obstructing. This attitude gets you nowhere and is the root of the problem. Gee....you must be a democrat. Wise up.

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