What were they thinking?

This building will rise five stories above Pine Street
By Steve Reibman | Jan 07, 2013


I would like to let the citizens of Edmonds and local politicians know what's happening up on the hillside between the Point Edwards Condominium development and town of Woodway.

Despite written assurances from the developer given as recently as 2011 that the final phase of the development (Building 10) would be built as originally planned, (a condominium building similar to the other nine) the developer has changed course and decided to build an apartment building of 89 small units.

This proposed building is of a very different, clashing design using different construction materials that will be a visual blemish on the hillside above the marina and local waterfront parks.

This building will rise five stories above Pine Street (more than 58 ft.) and will clearly tower above the existing understated condos for all in the Edmonds Bowl to see.

That is higher than what the Harbor Square project is proposing, at its highest and is well over the 35 foot limit of the vast majority of Bowl buildings today.

I don't believe this is what the city envisioned when they approved the Point Edwards master plan.

Even if it meets code technically, it doesn't comply with the "intent' language in the master plan or in the codes.

The number of units the developer could build increased from 295 to 350 in 2005 without a public hearing and without applying common sense.

This final phase in the master plan is on a 2.11 acre lot (zoned MP1), which, as a stand alone property would only allow for 38 residential units, but the developer can use the entire Point Edwards property in the calculations and thus crowd 89 units onto this small parcel of land.

This is the same developer who recently completed the Compass Apartments along the Hwy 104 that lie so close to the road.

As a Point Edwards resident and a resident of Edmonds I am alarmed by the visual impact this will have on the City of Edmonds and our neighborhood as well as the traffic and parking problems this unplanned increase in population will create for those living nearby and in Woodway.

The originally approved plan was for surface parking of approximately 27 cars and now is planned for over 74 cars in addition to the underground parking. That's almost triple the spaces above ground!

This large five story apartment building will not create any additional revenue for the city above what was originally planned and may in fact diminish revenue by loss of property values to the adjacent 261 Point Edwards condos and nearby Woodway homes.

We would ask our city officials, namely the mayor, city council, planning commission and architectural design board to look very carefully and critically at this proposed project and decide how best to shape it into something the city envisioned, its citizens can be proud of, and that blends harmoniously into the surrounding community---not something to point to in the future and say "That was a mistake!

What were the city officials thinking when they approved THAT? "


Steve Reibman

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