We need to speak up

Isn't it time we got the American people involved?
By John Pierre | Dec 13, 2012

There is just no other way to put it... government stinks!

In the whole of Congress, none from either political party seem to be willing put their keister on the line to do what is right for America rather than what furthers their own political futures.

Our nation is in deep financial trouble and all we see or hear from Washington D.C. is a whole lot of bickering and constant posturing from our elected representatives.

Each one is showing only concern for their district or their state and with only rhetorical concern for our once-great country that is rapidly going downhill.

They seem to find enough time to make sure of their frequent and disgusting pay raises and obnoxious retirement benefits but simply can't squeeze in some time for meaningful changes in other government spending abuses such as those that are infringing upon our historical freedoms.

This "me... me... me" attitude has to change.  We can't afford it any longer.

I'm thinking the Egyptians have the right attitude.  When their governing body (in this case one man, Morsi, who thinks that his will is all that counts) takes over control, the citizens are rising up to say "enough already."

I'm not suggesting that rioting is the answer but "enough already" IS the answer.  We need to start leaning on these self-important, super star politicians and begin to run OUR country again.

I'm tired of hearing that decisions regarding consideration of spending policy and necessary concessions fall primarily on Boehner and the President.

Isn't it time we got the American people involved?

Finally... it's easy enough to complain about the lack of spine being displayed by our elected representative... what about our own?

Do we have the guts to stand up and speak our for what we believe is best for our country and not fall in line with party talking points?

It's our responsibility to speak up for (and work for) what's best for America.

These spineless lizards in D.C. aren't going to get off their duffs until WE, their employers, insist upon it.

Personally, I'm completely disgusted by the namby pamby way government is being governed.

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