VW lovers welcome relocated repair shop to Edmonds

He's a wiz with both the older and the newer stuff
Feb 28, 2013

The relocation of the Porbug (“poor-bug”) VW Repair shop to Edmonds has been good for the local VW community, as this is a favorite of many VW owners in the Washington/ BC area.

George moved Porbug into his new larger facilities late last year, just 2 blocks from the Jack-in-the-Box at 212th and Hwy 99. He is joined by his son Jason. They are open M thru F from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Previously he owned a shop in the Georgetown section of South Seattle for close to 20 years, but the chore of managing the shop and being responsible for the work of others led to the decision to downsize to a one-man shop in Lynnwood.

After several years in tight quarters he found the right spot in Edmonds.

The VW community exchanges information on many online forums.

For example, the local members of the Wetwesties “The Pacific Northwest VW Camping Society” universally recommend Porbug.

One customer drives her VW Beetle from Yakima for him to do the work.

Roadhaus.com has “the largest VW shop listing anywhere.”  The comments all give Porbug a “recommend” rating.  Some of the comments:


  • He even drove out to Ballard once to help me with an ongoing problem
  • George is the best. Excellent, Thorough, Personable, and the man keeps a clean shop
  • George and his son got it running the best it ever has
  • he's a wiz with both the older and the newer stuff.
  • After hearing George explain the problems and what could be done to fix them, I was impressed with his knowledge and experience. He was totally focused on my vehicle and my needs. His rates are reasonable. My bus runs like it has never run before. I
  • I was having problems with my sliding door late on a Saturday afternoon. I could not lock the vehicle, so I was worried about what to do. I called George, he met me at his shop, and fixed the problem after hours. I left at 6:30 p.m. feeling much gratitude for George's customer service ethic and his many years of experience.
  • Got a hold of George early on Saturday morning, he said bring it by. It had problems; A) w/ fan hitting tin, B) brakes way out of adjustment, C) both IDA carbs out of tune. In under an afternoon, he had me on the road home. HONEST, EFFECTIVE, PLEASENT, and REASONABLE RATES.
  • George is the ONLY one I would trust with my Vanagon. I took my Vanagon with a runabilty issue and he figured it out real fast, was VERY knowledgeable and a very straight shooter
  • Whereas we'd spent several hundred dollars at a dealership on the rough running, and at another mechanic on the electrical, George was quickly able to identify and resolve our electrical issues. He also replaced our fuel filter and suggested ways to avoid getting dirty gas running through the engine. And, we didn't have to wait two weeks for his services. George was very knowledgeable and honest.
  • in all the years in the automotive business I don’t think I’ve met a smarter repair person. He does not walk doing the work he runs.


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