Trotting out the tired plans

By Stephen A. Bernheim | Feb 14, 2013


During his election campaign, Mayor Dave Earling wrote he would "strongly support, and will lead as Mayor, a real economic development plan – that maintains the status quo on building heights."

He went on here in the Beacon on July 28, 2011: "If past local history is any guide, the usual characters will trot out the same tired issue of building heights at some point in this election, even though the issue has long been settled."

So, why does Mayor Earling support the "usual characters" at the Port of Edmonds when they "trot out" their "tired" plan to raise building heights at Harbor Square?  Are other parts of town as safe as Harbor Square?

Let City Council members hear your views on the Mayor's about-face. All together, now: "Promises, promises, this is where those promises, promises end!"


Stephen A. Bernheim

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