Strom Peterson complaint ‘frivolous’ | Letter

Apr 21, 2017

Were you ever late? Have you ever missed a deadline or forgotten to make a payment? I am guilty as charged.

Which brings us to the Edmonds Beacon’s leading story (April 13) with a misleading headline, “Peterson admits to disclosure violations.” A more accurate headline would be “I'm late, I'm late,” the words spoken by the White Rabbit, a character in Lewis Carroll's “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.”

On two occasions, either Rep. Strom Peterson or a staff member missed the deadline for filing reports to the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC). An individual took umbrage and reported the minor mistake to the Attorney General (AG). Washington State law requires the AG to investigate every complaint.

But who is the real culprit?

Is it Strom Peterson, who has served our community as a city council member and continues his good work at the state level? Or, is it conservative activist Glen Morgan, who spends his time sifting through reports submitted to the PDC?

The answer: Glen Morgan! From 2011 to January 2015, Morgan served as the grassroots director and property rights director of the Freedom Foundation. His current position is property rights director and project manager for the organization Stop Taking Our Property (STOP) Thurston County.

According to the March 18, 2017, edition of the Tacoma News Tribune, Morgan “filed more than 40 campaign finance complaints with the commission between October 2016 and March 7, 2017.”

The article pointed out a number of minor violations Morgan cited in his complaints. His most hilarious complaint was for misspelling the Washington State Historical Society and the Nisqually tribe.

On Jan. 26, 2017, The Olympian reported that a lawsuit was filed against the same Morgan for developing robocalls that were disseminated in advance of the November 2016 Thurston County commissioner elections. The calls were apparently “disrespectful and demeaning.”

Morgan also spends time belittling labor unions and frequently trumpets that Washington state is “ripe for labor reform,” analogous to the anti-labor legislation that has been enacted in Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan.

Morgan devotes many hours defending individuals against “government encroachments upon their property rights.”

Stuffing the AG’s inbox with these frivolous complaints is more than a nuisance.

It takes time away from serious matters such as filing lawsuits against the 45th president and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security regarding unconstitutional provisions in the executive immigration executive orders.

Barbara Tipton


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