Steves to run second Iditarod

The southern route, which will be run this year, is notorious for being more difficult. But that won’t deter Steves.
By Pat Ratliff | Oct 25, 2012

Jan Steves, the Edmonds resident who completed the 2012 Iditarod this spring, is gearing up for a second run.

After completing this year’s race, Steves said she would like to run it a second time, probably in 2014.

However, Steves decided she couldn’t wait. She is already in training again in Alaska, and plans to run the race in 2013.

“There was a point on the trail during the race when I wanted to sign up,” Steves said. “But I knew it probably wouldn’t happen this year.

“I think if you really want to do something though, you don’t give up.”

One of the reasons for running it in 2013 instead of the following year: There are two different, alternating routes for the race (northern and southern.) If Steves waited a year, she would be running the same route as she did this year. She’d like to experience  both routes.

Another reason is the support others have shown Steves.

“I’m still getting emails from people all over the United States who are excited about me running the Iditarod, and that keeps me excited, too,” Steves said. “And it was definitely in my heart to run it again.”

Steves has spent a lot of time since the 2012 Iditarod speaking to people about the race, especially school children.

She recently attended a “meet and greet” with students at St. Matthews school in Lake City.

“When I meet with the school kids, we bring it (the experience) alive,” she said. “We also talk about what’s involved, the commitment and responsibilities. I let them know the journey was not easy.”

Will the second Iditarod be any easier? A lot depends on weather conditions.

Last year was record cold and snowfall amounts, which meant more problems than just dealing with the snow.

“This year might be incredibly easier,” Steves said. “Better weather means no moose on the trails.” She said the storms last year meant the “worst of the worst” for snow and moose.

But the southern route, which will be run this year, is notorious for being more difficult. But that won’t deter Steves.

“The big thing is just being on the trail with your dogs,” she said. “It’s an incredible experience.

“You get to see what you’re capable of. You just go out and do it.”

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