Small businesses deserve support, not criticism

Dec 31, 2013


The holiday season is a wonderful time to support our local Edmonds businesses, which is why I was so disappointed to read your cover story, “Sandwich board pollution” on the cover of the Dec. 19 edition of the Beacon.

I was surprised that the Beacon and City Council would criticize local advertising just one week before a major shopping holiday.

Sandwich boards are an affordable and practical way for small businesses to advertise within our community. As long as these sandwich boards aren’t blocking sidewalk access for all pedestrians, including those in wheelchairs, I have no problem with their growing presence.

Comparing American and European advertising is absurd.  Europe may not have the same signage and advertising culture as the U.S., but it also doesn’t offer the same abundant opportunities for entrepreneurs to open their own businesses.

Let’s compare apples to apples when we make sweeping claims about cultures, and let’s also support our growing, independent business community in downtown Edmonds!

I’d like to use this letter to the editor as an opportunity to suggest that the Beacon do more to support our growing small business community.

Perhaps you can designate a weekly column to highlight a different business or business owners each week.  I know that I would love to learn more about the people who have invested their livelihoods in Edmonds, and who make downtown shopping and walks so enjoyable.


Veronica McGowan

Edmonds resident

and local business supporter

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