Once they get the $$, it’s a done deal

Dec 18, 2013


Those citizens who oppose the Sunset Blvd Walkway are missing a crucial point. The city has a federal grant for project design. This means it's a done deal.

Exhibit A - the Five Corners roundabout, which upon receiving a federal grant, was a done deal.

These monuments to the egos of the city administration, and particularly the Public Works department, represent needless expenditures of taxpayer dollars, which could be spent on more deserving projects.

John Christensen


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Posted by: Tere Ryder | Dec 18, 2013 20:34

I for one would like to see the applications submitted for the FEDERAL grants by  the City of Edmonds  and the drawings that accompanied those grants.  These are FEDERAL grants and I believe there are laws, rules and regulations regarding the information submitted on the applications. There are many entities that have a need for these grants.

I was at the meeting tonight at the library and clearly the city has already moved forward, got a chunk of money (just the beginning) and the citizens have absolutely NO SAY in this.  ..........From all that I have read so far regarding the grants, there seems to be a lot of information the city has put out that simply is not true from what we see here on Sunset. .  I would like to see all of the paper-work and drawings for those grants.  Not the ones at the meeting tonight that the landscape architect said were done with NO SURVEY (how is that possible?).......In otherwords, PRE SURVEY.....We saw the survey people on Sunset many, many days. And yes, I believe the city would have to return the grant money if the information is not correct for those grants.  ....... I would like to see the statistics that back up the need for receiving these grants.  What little I read of the Federal grant the city applied for for Five Corners, that type of grant appeared to be more for a very congested traffic area such as Aurora.......Has anybody read these grants? besides our officials at town hall that appeared tonight at the meeting to be the only "deciders".  Where is the BN rep in regards to THEIR property......Why wasn't this person at the meeting?......"We've talked to them" doesn't do it for me........Two million dollars and maybe they'll want to start their project after only a year and want THEIR land back.

Posted by: Jim Shelton | Dec 19, 2013 14:09

Well, that certainly would be interesting to know.  I imagine this information is part of the public record which can be requested via the city clerks office. Here's a link to the request form: http://www.edmondswa.gov/images/COE/Government/City_Clerk/Public_Records/Request_for_Public_Records.pdf


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