Novelist shares the risky business of growing up

Mar 06, 2014

What does it take to succeed when you are a teen with your life spread out, waiting for you to claim it?

Edmonds author Paddy Eger says it’s tenacity.

Book reviewers agree. Foreword Reviews features 84 Ribbons in their spring edition of ForeSight as one of five young adult (YA) novels dealing with teens against steep challenges.

Leia Menlove, reviewer for ForeWord Review wrote, "These titles remind us that youth isn't all puppy love and teen angst... This lifetime offers boundless opportunity for growth--even for greatness-- if we only muddle through."

Eger believes it's tenacity that carries us through rough patches and uncertainty at all ages.

"We possess three types of tenacity: physical, mental and emotional tenacity, Eger said.

“Each comes into play for everyone including my ballet dancer, Marta Selbryth, in 84 Ribbons."

Join in the conversation at the Lake Forest Park Third Place Books at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, March 15, when Eger shares her YA novel.

Learn more about a dancer's life and routines. Listen to excerpts about Marta's tenacity. Ask questions, enter a drawing and purchase an autographed copy of 84 Ribbons.

Eger steps into fiction writing with this debut novel and follows Marta as she realizes her dream: to join a professional ballet company.

"Marta's prepared for dancing," Eger said, "but not for the myriad obstacles that begin as she steps off the bus in Billings, Mont., in the late 1950s.

“She's a typical teen, looking ahead as she steps into adulthood but not fully grasping all that growing up requires."

Marta's story in 84 Ribbons ($16.95, 360-page trade paper, ISBN 978-0-9858933-2-3 published by Tendril Press) is from Third Place Books and other fine bookstores.

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