New eatery to be McBigger, McBetter

Aug 22, 2013
McTOAST – The McDonald’s restaurant at 10124 Edmonds Way (across from QFC) is no more. But Big Mac fans need only be patient. A new, up-to-date McDonald’s will take its place, including a 24-hour drive thru.

Bulldozers demolished the McDonald’s restaurant on Edmonds Way last week, but fans of the fast food restaurant will have a new, bigger eatery to enjoy in the coming weeks.

Last spring, city officials gave McDonald’s a green light to demolish and rebuild the restaurant.

According to Senior Planner Kernan Lien, the new McDonald’s will mirror the latest design of the worldwide chain.

The new restaurant will be open around the clock, featuring a 24-hour, dual lane drive thru for late night eaters.

The building will expand to 4,270 square feet on the 1.91-acre site.

City officials required that the applicant, McDonald’s USA in Kirkland, improve its outdoors as well by including more shrubs and grasses in the area between the parking lot and sidewalk.

City officials listened to comments that were enlivened by the testimony of 7-year-old Maya Taylor who urged the applicant to include a play area.

Maya also presented a petition with nearly 50 signatures urging that a play area be included.

She said she and her sister enjoyed visiting the former McDonald’s, and she believed their experience at the new restaurant would be even better with the addition of a play area.

Brian Mattson, representing McDonald’s USA, said he would inform headquarters that members of the community would like a play area to be included.

However, city officials said they couldn’t force McDonald’s to do so, and Senior Planner Lien said there was no play area on the building plans he reviewed.

According to Lien, “The play area is a great idea, but it is not something that can be legally required by the City of Edmonds.”

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