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By Mohuwa Wahid | Sep 07, 2016
Mohuwa Wahid

Mohuwa Wahid, a sixth grader at Explorer Middle School, is the winner of Beacon Publishing's seventh annual Mayor for a Day essay contest. Read her contest-winning essay here. -Ed.

Mukilteo is my home, but like no other! I believe what makes Mukilteo such a wonderful place to live are the values it holds. The city holds the values of community, serenity and diversity.

To uncover the true meaning of Mukilteo, you have to understand the feeling of community and family the city has for its citizens.

For example, the horrific shooting in Mukilteo has brought the city closer than ever. The aftermath shows each citizen presenting their sorrow and compassion to family and friends of the victims.

I feel the city has a special bond with its citizens, and the feeling of having someone there for you is a feeling that you will never forget. No matter what happens, the people of Mukilteo are still united and will be forever.

Maya Angelou said: “In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” Mukilteo has many families coming from all different backgrounds around the world.

Each household preserves their own culture and gives it new meaning to the city of Mukilteo. The diversity strengthens and enriches our community.

In the city of Mukilteo, the differences unify and dignify us. In other words, our differences are celebrated.

One of the first things that pop up into my head when I think about the wonderful city is the extraordinary nature that surrounds the city. It is absolutely stunning and definitely like no place you will ever see.

You don’t have to look hard to find a breath-taking view in Mukilteo, starting with the sensational views of Mt. Rainer, which is the highest point in the state of Washington.

The scenic sights make your day! It may look like something straight out of a dream.

And let’s not forget about the absolutely exquisite beach in Mukilteo. The beach is an amazing place to get some fresh air, hang out with family and friends, and experience nature at its fullest.

But what I find to be the most unforgettable part of the beach is the iconic lighthouse, which I believe to be a symbol of beauty and Mukilteo’s rich history.

Mukilteo is a city that may be small but holds values that make our nation better. The sense of community welcomes outsiders, the diversity nourishes our community, and the nature and beauty preserves our unique and one-of-a-kind history.

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